Testimonials from the Masters

  • " The DSD system surprised me. I never imagined that a simple way, using tools we have in our hands all day , could lead a planning more predictable"

    TPD Sergio Barreto/Denprol/Vitória - Brazil

  • "A concept, a protocol, a design, in short, a philosophy that aggregates and guides"

    TPD Paulo Batistella/Digital Smile Designer Studio PB/São Paulo - Brazil

  • " The DSD system leads to a predictable aesthetic planning, reliable and practical"

    TPD Juvenal de Souza/ World reference in Dento-gingival prosthesis/Joinville - Brazil

  • "The DSD concept is a revolution in the way of interacting ... contributing undeniably for the development of dentistry worldwide"

    Dr. Guilherme Cabral/Dentist, ceramista at Team Atlanta/ Taubaté - Brazil

  • "The DSD course certainly opens our minds to a new level of diagnosis and planning ... required for increasingly demanding customer enchantment."

    Dr. Braulio Paolucci/Author of the book "Cosmetology, the art of customizing the smile design"/Barbacena - Brazil

  • "DSD is a game changer that breaks paradigms and transports us to a new vision of Esthetic Dentistry"

    Dr. José Augusto Negrão/ Co Founder of the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry/São Paulo Brazil

  • "DSD ... simplify and evaluate what the numbers of traditional cephalometric can not always explain."

    Dr. Adalberto de Paula/Orthodontist/São Paulo - Brazil

  • "DSD concept fit seamlessly into our working philosophy"

    Drs. Marcelo Kyrilos e Moreira/Authors of the book "Smile Model - The Face in Harmony". Oral Studio/ São Paulo - Brazil

  • "The DSD is a link between the patients' expectations and the search for excellence in the treatment"

    Dr. José Carlos Rosa/Implants expert and author of the book "Dentoalveolar Immediate Restoration"/ Caxias do Sul - Brazil

  • "Somehow we can all play well an instrument, but with the DSD concept we learn to read the music sheet and play masterfully in an orchestra."

    Dr. Newton Cardoso/Associate professor of "Cariology & Comprehensive Care NYU, College of Dentistry/ São Paulo - Brazil

  • "DSD tool creates a simple, safe and very important protocol in the diagnosis, planning and refinement of cases of orthognathic surgery. I incorporated instantly this protocol to my ratings"

    Dr. Marcos Pitta/National reference in orthognathic surgery/São Paulo - Brasil

  • "The DSD is a "weapon" which should be in the arsenal of all clinical and rehabilitation technicians"

    Dr. Rogério Marcondes/President of the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry Dental Aesthetics Center/Curitiba - Brazil

  • "Powerful tool of motivation and convincement of patient "

    Dr. Glécio Vaz de Campos/Introducer in Brazil of Microsurgery Periodontal Plastic technique and Peri-Implant/ São Paulo - Brazil

  • "... an image turns into a marketing, planning and communication tool"

    Dr. Oswaldo Scopin/Scientific Director of Spazio Education and Dental Press magazine editor/Piracicaba - Brazil

  • "Philosophy course which I recommend to all professionals working in Aesthetic interface"

    Dr. Ronaldo Hirata/Reference in Dentistry, editor of "Tips" magazine and author of the book "Tips"/São Paulo Brazil

  • "Making Visible the Invisible"

    Dr. Celso Orth/Training Center and Orth Clinic/Montenegro - Brazil

  • "The DSD has been proving extremely efficient in clinical practice. The validation with scientific foundations and concepts, makes this technique a viable possibility for any occupation."

    Dr. Nelson Silva/Professor, Department of Prosthodontics and Biomaterials at the University of New York/Belo Horizonte - Brazil

  • "DSD is essential for professionals seeking excellence in the smallest details."

    Dr. Claudio Pinho/ Former president of the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry and founder of Integrato School/São Paulo - Brazil

  • "Large buildings rely on solid projects, insightful and tangible."

    Drs. Joly, Silva e Carvalho/Perio-Implant Group, authors of the book "Tissue Reconstruction Aesthetic"/São Paulo - Brazil

  • "The concept presents an important planning tool."

    Prof. Paulo Kano/National reference in Prosthodontics and Dental Morphology, author of "Challenging Nature"/São Paulo - Brazil

  • "In DSD, foresee power to sense - predictable and wonderful."

    Prof. Sidney Kina/ Honorary Member of the Brazilian Society of Dentistry Aesthetics and author of the bestsellers "Invisible" and "Equilibrium"/Maringá - Brasil

  • "The DSD changes the way the patient understand his problems ... "

    Prof. Dr. Marcelo Calamita/Former president of the Brazilian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry/São Paulo Brazil

  • "Big decisions in life are often guided by emotions ... The DSD helps the dentist to create this thrill when communicating with the patient. "

    Dr. Florin Cofar/Dentcof Clinic and Research /Timisoara - Romania

  • "The DSD is the most beautiful and elegant creation which at the same time illuminating the diagnosis and establishes communication, guiding the way."

    Dr. Robert Coachman/Pioneer of Aesthetic Dentistry in Brazil/ São Paulo - Brazil

  • "Christian Coachman’s DSD will forever change the way you practice dentistry. By its systematized approach, it will facilitate better and more accurate aesthetic treatment planning, and, most importantly, enable this treatment plan to be easily shared and confirmed with all members of the treatment team, and with our patients. Your patients will be highly motivated to accepting treatment with the ability to “test”and confirm the desired aesthetic prescription, prior to any intervention. Finally, this treatment plan can come to a reality with accuracy and predictability....a win:win for clinicians, technicians and , most importantly, our patients!"

    Dr David Dunn/The Macquarie Street Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Reconstruction/Sydney - Australia.

  • "I have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of people over the years. It was an honor to have the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Christian Coachman in many different settings including lectures, dental meetings, and of course while working on a patients in Atlanta. He has passion for dentistry and natural talent with deep desire to learn. He has amazing ability to pick up new skills effortlessly and develop it with unique twist. I consider him a good friend and always look forward to spending time with him.  We are so lucky to have a talent like him in our profession!"

    Pinhas Adar/CDT, MDT  CEO of Adar International,Inc, member of Oral Designer Group /Team Atlanta - USA

  • "I believe that digital smile design is really an important step for the future in being able to better plan facial and smile diagnosis.  No doubt it is a real help for both dentist and technician and ultimately…the patient"

    Drs David Garber & Ronald Goldstein/World Reference in Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry./Team Atlanta - USA.

  • "The DSD became the standard to which we plan our cases for predictable esthetics. Having this medium it allows for superior communication with our entire interdisciplinary team. Utilizing these digital techniques will take your treatment planning skills to a level that you never have experienced. The DSD is now the tool to which we create our success. Christians thought process and workflow are second to none!"

    Drs. Rob Ritter & Chris Ramsey/Members of the American Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic/Palm Beach - USA.

  • "Outstanding seminar that was a highlight for the older as well as especially for the younger generation. The pragmatic and systematic presentation on the highest quality documentation was a clinical enjoyment to listen to. The digitalised diagnostics are a quantum leap compared to the many wax-ups, slides and provisionals in the past."

    Prof. Carlo Marinello/Head of the Prosthodontic: Departament University of Basel/Basel - Switzerland.

  • "The digital smile design course with Christian Coachman and Andrea Ricci in Florence was one of the most effective and learningful event I had. Beside the amazing location in the Palazzo Capponi, feeling the historical atmosphere and the charming italian way of live, the didactally outcome of the topics were ideal to incooperate the new facts in the daily work immediately. The both lecturers and the whole team were very open and honest. No secrets, open discussions, all material avaiable and a intensive indivdiual observation. The DSD will make my treatment plan concepts easier and let me give a quick tool in my hands to show the patient much clearer what is possible and where the problems could appear. Congratulation to that very unusual course."

    Dr. Siegfried Marquardt/ Specialist for Implantology, Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry/Tegernsee - Germany

  • "The Digital Smile Design has changed the way I communicate with the rest of my Team and the way I plan my periodontal and implant surgeries. No more interpretation, no more mistakes. Finally an easy way to describe to my patients my Treatment Plans."

    Dr. Giano Ricci/Studio Ricci, Florence Perio Group/Florence - Italy

  • "Being a Prosthodontist, communication with the Team, and Technicians is an essential aspect to achieve success. The Digital Smile Design has changed my everyday approach to the Esthetic Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Interdisciplinary Communication with my staff and partners. Finally it is possible to custom design a smile appropriate for the "Face Esthetics". It is an approach the have made communication with my patients much easier and effective and has become an indispensable Clinical Digital Chart"

    Dr. Andrea Ricci/Studio Ricci, Florence Perio Group/Florence - Italy

  • "The DSD is the modern medium that allows the dentist and patient to see, understand, and apreciate what is truly hidden inside an esthetic treatment."

    Leonardo Bacherini/Professor at ACE Institute/Florence - Italy

  • "To be precise, efficient, minimally invasive and at the same time create beautiful work we need to improve as a team. The key for successful team work is correct planning and communication. The DSD Concept gives us the ability to envision a project, to share this project with the team mates and above all to motivate our patients."

    Dr. Galip Gürell/ President of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, author of the best seller: “Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers"/Istanbul - Turkey

  • "Orthognathic Surgery for me is the most technical and the richest regarding to treatment planning among all surgeries. Precision is the key factor and DSD concept creates tools that make possible to be precise very much close to the limit and is the way to make the interdisciplinary approach happen. I have never experencied such an outstanding protocol of work before"

    Dr.Octavio Cintra/ International speaker, Specialist in Buco Maxillo Facial Surgery/Sao Paulo - Brasil

  • "When it comes to visualization of the relationship of the teeth and soft tissues to the face, as well as communication to all the members of the interdisciplinary team,  there is no easier or more accurate technique than the DSD in enabling  everyone treating the case to see what you see, and have a vision of the final outcome without being subjective!"

    Dr. Tal Morr / Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Ortodontologia / Aventura - USA

  • "When it comes to plastic perio procedures on the anterior area and harmonizing white and pink esthetics, every millimeter can make the difference. All the techniques that improve your planning and interdisciplinary communication are important. The DSD technique can help us with that"

    Dr. Eric Vandooren / Worldwide reference on Periodontics / Antwerp - Belgium

  • "DSD Concept for accurate facial esthetics analysis and re-designing a smile in contemporary dentistry, is as essential today as utilising a GPS to find your way."

    Prof. Nitzan Bichacho / Worldwide reference on Implant Prosthetics Hebrew University / Tel Aviv - Israel

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