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Clinical Over the Shoulder, Complete Digital Workflow, Facially Driven Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning, Live Patient Demo

Residency 2

Live Clinical & Lab Performances

Complete Digital Solutions for All Clinical Procedures

Pioneering Digital Treatment Planning Session

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

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course locations

When & where
R2 Card 01English
Residency 2 Seville July 2021Dentoral Centros Odontológicos Jul 5, 2021 - Jul 8, 2021

From US$4,893.00

R2 Card 01English
Residency 2 Seville October 2021Dentoral Centros Odontológicos Oct 27, 2021 - Oct 30, 2021

From US$4,893.00

R2 Card 01English
Residency 2 Sao Paulo January 2022Brazil Jan 24, 2022 - Jan 27, 2022

From US$4,893.00

R2 PAGEASSETS V2 Welclinic Dentoral

We have designed DSD Residency 2 to help DSD Members to go even further with the implementation of DSD in their dental clinic. On this course, you have a front-row seat to an intense week of live treatment planning with Christian Coachman and the interdisciplinary team. Over four days, you’ll get an over-the-shoulder look at more than 14 live procedures for real cases and have the full experience of the complete digital workflow. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in our brainstorm sessions during the decision-making process for how, when and why each procedure should be done. Just some of the learning topics for these cases include CAD/CAM systems, interdisciplinary treatment planning, the facially driven Digital Smile Design protocol, and more. During this course, you will also get an in-depth look at how working with the DSD Planning Center can improve your interdisciplinary planning and decision making, helping you to grow your business. You will learn how to compile the necessary patient documentation for your cases and about the workflows for even greater efficiency. Thanks to our collaboration with industry leader Align Technology, we will also take you through how to use the new ClinCheck®️ Treatment Planning Service offered at the DSD Planning Center for your Invisalign®️ cases.



The Unique Opportunity to Follow, Over the Shoulder Great Clinicians Performing Clinically and Explaining Each One of the Procedures. The Daily Reality of a Modern Digital Dental Practice!

  • Live Clinical & Lab Performances
  • Innovative, Realistic and Useful Technology
  • Pioneering Digital Treatment Planning Session
  • Top Clinical Team
  • Top Tech Team Experts on CAD/CAM, Demonstrating the Step by Step of Digital Restorative Workflows.
Watch the R2 course highlights playlist

Digital Smile donator® & DSDdirect® Minimally Invasive Esthetic Restorations. Natural CAD CAM, (Injected Composite)

DSD bite LiftWorn Dentition Rehabilitation Transitional Restorations. Functional Digital Planning

All-on-X Prosthetic Phase PIC dental implant scanning. Final CAD/CAM Prosthesis

Double Crown Lengthening Guide® Guided Crown Lengthening and Digital Perio Analysis

Guided Implant Surgery, Immediate abutment and crown. Screw Direct retained x Cemented

I.O.S. Technique, T-Scan,Digital Bite Deprogramming & Bite Splint.

DSDAPP® DSDCloud®2D -3D Integration and online communication

DSD & Invisalign Workflow Propel Demo and discussion

Clic Guide® All-on-X Surgical Phase Immediate Loading

Hybrid Pink Restoration Direct Pink Composite

DSDlab®DSD Natural restorations CAD/CAM systems Digital Smile Donator Menu

Complete chairside workflow for single posterior crown Implant & Natural

Orthognathic Planning

Full digital night guard


4 days w/ DSD clinical Team and Coachman
Robert Coachman
Robert CoachmanDentist - São Paulo, Brazil

Well Clinic

Christian Coachman
Christian CoachmanCEO & Founder

Francis Coachman
Francis CoachmanPlanning Center & Lab Operations Manager

Jacqueline Schneider
Jacqueline SchneiderDSD Coordinator - São Paulo, Brasil

Well Clinic

Tatiana Coachman
Tatiana CoachmanClinical Excellence Manager

Luken De Arbeloa
Luken De ArbeloaEducation Strategy Director

Marcelo Calamita
Marcelo CalamitaDentist - São Paulo, Brazil

Clínica Maxime

Daniel Ramos
Daniel RamosOrthodontist, Aligners Specialist - Brazil

Octavio Cintra
Octavio CintraDentist - São Paulo, Brazil

Octavio Cintra

Ricardo Brito
Ricardo BritoDentist - Caracas, Venezuela

Jesús Creagh
Jesús CreaghDentist - Sevilla, Spain


Federico Brunner
Federico BrunnerDentist - Madrid, Spain

Clínica Dental Orión

Jonata Schneider

Well Clinic

Luciana Tubelis

Well Clinic

Gustavo Giordani
Gustavo GiordaniDentist - São Paulo, Brazil

Guto Giordani

Marcelo Giordani

Atelie Oral

Juan J. Gomez
Juan J. GomezSales & Business Development Manager Americas

Carmen Caballero
Carmen CaballeroAcademics and Community Coordinator

Lindiane Rigo
Lindiane RigoLead Clinical Consultant and Implementation Manager

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course locations

When & where
R2 Card 01English
Residency 2 Sao Paulo January 2022Brazil Jan 24, 2022 - Jan 27, 2022

From US$4,893.00

R2 Card 01English
Residency 2 Seville July 2021Dentoral Centros Odontológicos Jul 5, 2021 - Jul 8, 2021

From US$4,893.00