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DSD Occlusion - Hands-on São Paulo January 2024

Location: Well Clinic - Rua Bento de Andrade - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Language: English

Dates: 22 Jan 2024 - 24 Jan 2024

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Occlusion 2024
DSD Occlusion - Hands-on São Paulo January 2024

About DSD Occlusion

Digital tools have evolved significantly in recent years. New equipment and software upgrades provide accurate and aesthetically pleasing restorations. However, regarding occlusal aspects, the results will only be as good as the quality of the intraoral data obtained by the dentist. The main objectives of this course are to enable the dentist to diagnose the state of health of the masticatory system, understand the critical principles of occlusion and use the most appropriate techniques for recording maxillomandibular relationships, thus enabling effective planning and design of restorations that require minimal occlusal adjustments. Differentiate yourself and improve your outcomes through better occlusion diagnosis, management, adjustment and maintenance.

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The DSD Occlusion course faculty is a powerhouse of clinical experience and dental training.
Christian Coachman
Marcelo Calamita
Robert Coachman

More about the course

The topic of occlusion has been historically a taboo in dentistry. Experts many times over complicate the topic or come up with miraculous formulas to solve “all” problems. In the end, general dentists remain mostly in the dark when it comes to bringing efficient and useful concepts and techniques to daily practice. For us, the topic of occlusion needs to be addressed from two perspectives: First, acknowledging that it is a very complex topic and there is so much to still be learned, but at the same time, using the available information in a pragmatic way to bring consistent benefits to our patients. This course will do both, giving an overview of existing concepts, but most importantly, focus on a simple and consistent approach that can solve most of your cases. Pragmatism is the key word to describe this course.

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