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Residency Implants São Paulo May 2022

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Language: English

Dates: 16 May 2022 - 20 May 2022

When purchasing a ticket for DSD Residency Implants, you are NOT required to enter your credit card details immediately.

A member of the DSD team will be in contact to discuss our various payment options for this particular event in due course.

Where: Rede IOA University, Rua Alvorada, 1347, Villa Olímpia, São Paulo, Brazil

Hybrid course that blends 5-day hands-on clinical training, online preparation lectures, and a livestreamed case summary session.

Live Patients, Dental Implants, DSD Planning Center, DSD ClicGuide solution, Hands-on training, Case studies

Cancellation policy

* Cancel your reservation any time up until 60 days before the first day of the course. If for any reason the course cannot go ahead, you will also be entitled to a full refund, or you will be given the option to transfer to another course in any location.

The instalments are charged monthly to the same card on the same calendar day that the first payment was made.

  • Place dental implants in a learning environment
  • Gain hands-on surgical experience in a variety of dental implant treatment modalities
  • Learn how to do DSD planning for dental implants on live patients
  • The ONLY DSD implants hands-on course that teaches DSD implant solutions over five days in a clinical setting alongside online preparation lectures
  • World class training facility that sources patients and provides excellent care before and after procedures
Residency Implants São Paulo May 2022

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Who should attend?

Dentists who want to gain experience with implant planning and placement

Dentists who want to expand their existing experience with implants

Dentists who want to learn to place implant full arches with the DSD workflow

Participants will expand their knowledge

Build their experience and grow their skills and confidence in dental implants.

What to expect?

DSD Residency Implants 3 2
Part 1: PreparationOn-demand online lectures by the DSD Faculty and Zimmer Biomet Dental to watch in your own time before the hands-on course days covering topics such as

The Challenges of Modern Dentistry

Smile Design & Modern OroFacial Principles


Modern Digital Workflow

Is Smile Under Control? The Implant full Arch Challenge.

Intra Oral Scanners Round Table. Tips and Tricks for implants

DSD Clinical Solutions - Perio/Implants, Double Crown Lengthening Guide & Clic Guide

Presenting the cases, Explaining the surgical reports and reviewing the Clic Guide workflow

DSD Clic Guide clinical performance

Anatomy and Radiology applied to implants

Analog versus digital impression

Periodontal versus peri-implant tissues

Prosthetics in Implantology

Guided tissue regeneration

Implants in the esthetic zone

Part 2: Hands-on training5-day hands-on course with patient surgeries at the IOA clinical facility in São Paulo, Brazil. Procedures YOU WILL PERFORM

Complex case with graft

Full arch All-On-X case

Single/partial implant case

DSD Implant Clic Guide and workflow

Part 3: Course conclusionThe course learnings and final teaching will be delivered via a live-streamed session with Francis and Christian Coachman.

Case studies discussion

Course objectives recap

Q&A with faculty and participants

Program summary


Francis Coachman

Accredited fellow in zygomatic implants

Christian Coachman
Christian CoachmanDSD FOUNDER & CEO

International dental speaker

Felipe Miguel Saliba

Specialist in dental prosthesis

Gustavo Petrilli

Specialist in implantology and oral surgery

Bernardo Born Passoni

Specialist in periodontics

Madalena Engler

Specialist in implantology

Newton Lucchiari

Specialist in periodontology and implantology

Frequently asked questions about DSD Residency Implants
Do I need to bring my own patients?

No - the DSD Residency Implants course takes place in the state-of-the-art facilities at the Rede IOA University in Brazil which has the structures in place to select the right patients for this course and manage their care before and after the procedures.

I have never attended a DSD course before, is this course for me?

Yes. You do not need to attend any other DSD course before attending a DSD Residency Implants course.

Do I need to attend DSD Residency 1 and 2 in that order before I can attend DSD Residency Implants?

No. It’s not necessary to attend DSD Residency 1 or 2 before the DSD Residency Implants course.

What is your course cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order any time up until 15 days before the first day of the course. If for any reason the course cannot go ahead, you will also be entitled to a full refund, or you will be given the option to transfer to another course in any location.

If I don’t have a partner to join me on the course, what will happen?

Participants on DSD Residency Implants work in pairs to place at least 20 implants, so that while one clinician is placing the implants, the other is always learning.
If you decide to attend the DSD Residency Implants course with a colleague, you will both receive a discount on your ticket price. If you come alone, you will be paired up with someone on the course.

I have never placed implants before, is this course for me?

Yes. If you have not placed implants before, or have experience only in certain types of cases, DSD Residency Implants gives you the opportunity to gain surgical experience with over-the-shoulder support from an experienced faculty. It is a hands-on training course that will give you the confidence to start performing implant cases.

I am experienced with dental implants, is this course for me?

This course will take your implant skills to the next level if you are already experienced. It will improve your skills with DSD protocols and you will learn new planning and surgical techniques.

I don’t use Zimmer Biomet Dental implants and I’m not planning on becoming a customer is this course for me?

Yes. For the duration of the course you will be provided with the Zimmer Biomet Dental implant system and all necessary guidance on how to use it. All the concepts that are taught on the course are applicable to any dental implant system.

I don't have a licence to practice dentistry in Brazil. Can I still take part in this course?

Yes. All participants will be travelling from abroad to Brazil to attend the hands-on part of the course. Our local academic partner, Red IOA University will oversee all the permits for clinical procedures and assumes responsibility for all patient before and aftercare procedures.

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