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With a range of DSD solutions, we have the right choice for your dental clinic. Do it yourself with the user-friendly DSD App; find out more about outsourcing your cases to the DSD Planning Center and Lab; or discover how to become a DSD Clinic.

We will train you & your staff in house on how to implement DSD


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The Consultancy is the best way for us to help you implement DSD in your practice

We provide you with support that’s customized specifically for you. We’ll help you improve case acceptance, perform better dentistry, and deliver the results that your patients want.

Sheena EDIT BW

The consultancy brings the magic of DSD in house. So all of a sudden that energy that I had, and the passion that I had, was brought to my team and it elevated my team to another level.

After a consultancyYour team will understand how to:

Implement,manage and market Digital Smile Design

Design your perfect DSD Room

Do patient documentation

Perform smile simulations on the DSD App

Order cases in the DSD Planning Center

Get your patients engaged

Deliver a perfect 2nd appointment

Create a perfect emotional presentation

How it works

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Book your consultancy

Schedule a call with one of our team to arrange your consultancy date.

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We come to you and train you

Our team of DSD experts will travel to your clinic and show you how to best implement DSD

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Get Started on Implementing DSD

Follow our detailed step-by-step checklists and implement DSD in your daily workflow

Saghi Helmi

Dentist - The Hague, Netherlands

It was one of the most awesome experiences for my team. It's always a very empowering and very exciting experience for the team to actually have someone from DSD come into our clinic. -- a DSD CLINIC SINCE 2018 --