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Your starting point with DSD

DSD Residency X is your first introduction to DSD concepts and how they will help you grow your business. In 2021 it returns to its roots with a renewed focus on clinical solutions, smile design and treatment planning.

You will learn the best and most up-to-date DSD practices and take the first step towards mastering the clinical solutions you need to execute true digital dentistry.

And, if you aspire to take your practice from an everyday practice to an exclusive Smile Rehabilitation Clinic, this course is a crucial step towards understanding your challenges and solutions.

Choose between two course formats

There are two ways to experience the DSD Residency X course:

  • DSD Residency X in person, three days of immersive, face-to-face learning.
  • DSD Residency X Livestream, 12 weeks of live online classes.

Benefit from the same content in the learning style that suits you best.

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You will be amazed at the depth and knowledge of team diagnostics, treatment planning, smile design and clinical execution.

There are two ways of experiencing the DSD Residency X course


You travel to us 

3 intense days, 9 classes

Immersive in-person learning

Face-to-face networking


No travel required

9 weeks, 9 online classes

Continuous paced learning

Online community building


  1. Learn and incorporate new services that differentiate your business through technology.
  2. Become a more comprehensive diagnostician, a better interdisciplinary treatment planner and a facially-oriented smile designer using the DSD Planning Center. Incorporating and benefiting from digital dentistry without the investment and learning curve.
  3. Offer unique restorative solutions to your patients through the DSD Lab concept. Take advantage of DSD's unique concepts of natural cad/cam restorations, smile donator and first fit technology.
  4. Create awareness, first-mover advantage, strong new patient acquisition and increase case acceptance with inbound marketing and storytelling techniques.

The aim of the course is to bring about change and feed people with enough information and energy so that on Monday morning they can improve the way they work.

  • Dentists
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • Staff members such as nurses, assistants, marketing technicians and treatment coordinators.

One of the participants of the last edition of the Residency X Livestream had the opportunity to enjoy one of the sessions in person, and we didn't miss the chance to interview her.


Luken De Arbeloa
Luken De ArbeloaEducation Strategy Maestro and Expert Presenter

Carmen Caballero
Carmen CaballeroLead Clinical Consultant & Mastership Manager

Jesús Creagh
Jesús CreaghDentist - Sevilla, Spain


Ricardo Brito
Ricardo BritoDentist - Caracas, Venezuela

Federico Brunner
Federico BrunnerDentist - Madrid, Spain

Clínica Dental Orión

Christian Coachman
Christian CoachmanFounder and President of the Board

One of those courses that change your professional life! I enjoyed the journey with DSD from day 1 to the last and from the hand of Luken de Arbeloa, what a guy!!!, with his style and way, he makes you feel close to the team even being an online course. The theoretical content is of quality and rich which for sure started a DSD WOW relationship! Thanks Team!

— José S

It has been a wonderful course full of a lot of learning and above all a unique experience in the world of digital dentistry, with the help of very talented professionals with an impeccable track record. I must also say that for me it has been a radical change in the way I see dentistry, as well as the way I present it to my patients. Thanks to all the team and above all to Luken, for being so close and an excellent speaker, always attentive to all our doubts and of course very didactic and enjoyable when teaching his classes, always making all the points clear and very well explained! Thanks to Santi for always being there, to Dr. Carmen for her magnificent classes, to Dr. Jesús, Dr. Ricardo Brito and the rest of the DSD team for allowing us to have the possibility to do this online course. Congratulations to all of you, we will keep in touch!

— Jacqueline María C

TOP course. very well planned, exquisite attention and without a doubt I will recommend it. keep in touch guys! Thank you for making me restless and wanting to do new things class after class.

— Jacinto B

This course has been a real Tsunami in my concept of dentistry. Thank you for making me see everything from a different perspective, understanding that things can be done without surprises, with security and the most important thing: trusting that I will always be doing the best for my patient. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone, for all the support that was given to me; Luken, Santi, Carmen, Jesus, Ricardo, Cova you are phenomenal, open mind forever! I, as a Brazilian, can only say that I am very proud that all this is the fruit of a Brazilian! Congratulations to all of you!

— Érika A

Unbeatable course to enter the world of facial guided dentistry. The online option is a good choice due to its length and depth.

— Salvador M

Excellent course, exceptional organization with luxury guests, I think that something good that brought all this COVID situation, was to have access to such valuable learning. I would recommend this course a thousand times over. Thank you all very much for your teachings.

— Jerilyn R

I recommend the course to everyone. The syllabus is very up-to-date and always backed up with a wide range of current articles. This course is a before and after in your vision of dentistry. We are digital, we are different, we are DSD member!!!!!


Everything has been WOW! Both the course and the whole team. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. I recommend the course 100%. Little by little I have been implementing in the clinic everything I have learned (which is a lot!!) Thank you very much for everything!

— Sara V

A highly recommended course, integrative, conceptual, well taught, with very clear language. A team that is in every detail. The quality of dissertation of Luken and collaborators is excellent, great ability to transmit concepts and ideas. I congratulate you and I wish you all the best. See you in my next DSD course. Greetings from Uruguay! Andrés Rodríguez

— Andres R

Excellent course, thanks to all the members of DSD for sharing your knowledge with us, it has particularly changed the way I see my patients and the way I approach dentistry, thank you and keep learning....

— Wenceslao C

An excellent course. My intention was to do it in person, but this format has exceeded all my expectations. It was great to be able to go through each class and implement it afterwards. With this system of classes you can assimilate all the information with more time and calm. Each online session has been very close. I felt as if I was in the classroom with the whole group. And I was very grateful for all the extra material that was passed on to us and to expand the already enormous amount of information. This course has meant for me a change in the way of treating patients that I have already implemented with very positive results. And on a clinical level, it has been a breakthrough in planning. I am entering the DSD world and I will stay to continue learning about this wonderful concept of dentistry. Thank you for having crossed my path.

— Paula M

When I signed up for the course I was eager to delve deeper into the digital world in which I had started some time ago. I had expectations that have been sincerely exceeded in this course, for several reasons: spectacular content, excellent speakers, better communicators and an involvement and detail in everything related to the digital world. Impressive. Nothing is left out. They have reawakened in me renewed illusions in my profession. It will undoubtedly be an exciting starting point towards a dentistry full of magic and emotions. My sincere congratulations to the whole DSD team, from a new fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Jordi F

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