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Instructor BenefitsWhat are the benefits of becoming a DSD Instructor

You can organize and teach official DSD Courses. All attendees will become new DSD Members and will get official DSD certificates.

You will receive the DSD Lecture Kit, all slides developed by Coachman and team, and regular updates.

You can use the DSD Instructor Logo in your Lecture promos and slides.

You will be provided with marketing materials to help you promote your courses.

You will receive a 20% discount on all DSD Planning Center® designs and 10% on DSD Lab® Services.

You can attend again any official DSD Course you have already taken, for as many times as you wish for Free (only food & beverage cost).

Exclusivity: limited number of DSD Instructors per area.

1 DSDApp® subscription for free.

Special deal on the purchase of iTero® scanner.

Free invitation to the closed annual DSD Masters Meeting.

Your Courses will be promoted through the DSD Website and our Media (1 post on social media promoting the course). The DSD Education page will have a thumbnail and a link to your course webpage.


First we will analyse if the candidate is not from an area that already reached the maximum number of DSD Instructors.

Feedback will be given if requirements are not met.

Record a 15-20 minute lecture on DSD and send us the video for evaluation by the DSD Faculty.

Attend DSD Residency 1 or DSD Concept course and Residency 2.

Send the CV with emphasis on lecturing experience. Must have lectured on at least one known International dental event or be an official University professor.

Be a DSD Master.

If all the above are approved then the candidate will come as a guest to one of our DSD Residencies and give a 15-20 minute lecture about how DSD impacted their practice. If approved you will be invited to a DSD event to get your official certificate and be promoted online as a DSD Instructor.


You must sign a collaboration contract with DSD.

You must give a DSD Concept course a year and you should enroll at least 25 students a year to retain the status of DSD Instructor.

You must send us the title, synopsis, learning objetives and an image of your course. You must send a link to your course webpage.

Submit your course through our webpage (we will send you a tutorial on how to submit though the webpage platform).

You will be dealing directly with the participant’s registration payments, not involving DSD.

You will be in charge of the organisation, logistics and financials of the course.

You must follow the DSD branding rules on any marketing materials with the DSD logo.

You must explain the Services of DSD Planning Center®, DSDApp® and DSD Lab® in the course.

You must order the mock up case from the DSD Planning Center: for the live patient.

You must perform a DSDApp 2D hands-on.

Submit after the course the pictures and/or videos of the before and after patient’s mock up.

Share with DSD the patient’s image-use consent (DSD will provide the standard image use consent).

All participants must register on www.digitalsmiledesign.com during the course. This way they will also gain access to the articles, videos and tutorials. The slides will only be available for DSD Members if they register and once you provide their email address list.

You have to submit the database of your course: 1 week to 1 day BEFORE the course. The last person to get a certificate will be the one submitted 1 day before.

You will have to pay a certificate fee per participant (€/$100 per person) up to 30 days after the course.

Forbidden to officially promote other aligners and scanners that are not Invisalign® or iTero®.

Forbidden to create marketing material using DSD Logo with aligners or scanner logos that are not Invisalign® or iTero®.

The logos that you are allowed to use are:
DSD Master logo
, DSD Instructor logo
, DSD Education logo
 and DSDApp® logo.