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As a dental clinic owner, do you face any of these pain points with your team?

  • Talented team members who underperform in their roles

  • Difficulty communicating effectively with staff and doctors

  • Trouble getting your team to buy into your vision

  • Feeling misunderstood when communicating ideas or directives

These challenges are more common than you may think! Join Dr Lindi Rigo, experienced DSD implementation coach, to learn more about a high impact teamwork strategy known as the Fascination Advantage.

Many DSD Clinics have found this approach to be groundbreaking. Attend the webinar to find out how it can do the same for you and your team.

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Fascination Advantage Testimonial

...this webinar is a great start...

If you want to better understand your unique communication style and that of your team members, this webinar is a great start. I will be sharing insights and practical examples of how the Fascination Advantage empowers you to communicate in a more meaningful way and work better as a team.

Lindi Rigo