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Digitally Guided Dentistry Certification

Discover how dentistry can be more stress free, predictable and cost-effective with non-negotiable protocols and techniques across a range of specialisms – not just implantology!

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    Stress Reduction for Dentists

    Feeling stressed? You’re not alone…

    Are standard protocols causing you unnecessary stress?

    We know there are many touch points in your day that can induce stress. But four of the most common stress-inducing factors for dentists worldwide include: clinical performance, cost, time and patient satisfaction.

    And while stress in these areas has been normalized since the beginning of dentistry, it doesn’t have to be like this…

    Digital Smile Design has spent 15 years developing planning procedures and appliances, across different dental specialisms.

    And now it's your chance to learn how guided dentistry can help you reduce stress in your day-to-day practice and achieve outcomes as close to the initial plan as possible.

    What is DSD Online?

    DSD Online is an e-learning platform that delivers curated high-quality, guided on-demand content.Through DSD Online, dental professionals like you can discover pragmatic, effective, and scalable workflows, systems and protocols related to treatment planning, lab results, and patient conversion that have been developed and refined over 15 years.

    Why take this certification

    Doing high-quality dentistry doesn’t have to be stressful or complex when using guided protocols and techniques.

    It’s a common myth that guided dentistry means implant cases only. So this is your chance to explore how predictable guided techniques can become a part of your daily practice.

    Through the Guided Dentistry Certification program, you’ll explore the concepts behind these stress-reducing, predictable and efficient protocols that we’ve been developing for over 15 overs on 34,000+ cases worldwide!

    Followed by a deeper dive into when and how these protocols are applied through devices and techniques that should be a non negotiable part of your clinical practice.

    ✓ Lower stress levels related to clinical execution and increase feelings of control

    ✓ Reduce incurred costs throughout the length of treatments, such as avoiding repetitions and decreasing the number of appointments


    ✓ Manage your chairside time more effectively and reduce time wasting

    ✓ Stop taking decisions while inside the mouth and compromising quality

    ✓ Narrow the gap between expectation and outcome of the final treatment delivered

    ✓ Implement strategies to increase patient trust

    ✓ Gain greater protection from patient grievances and litigation

    ✓ Do a more responsible form of dentistry in a more conservative and minimally-invasive way

    What’s included in the program

    A new approach to dentistry

    A new approach to dentistry

    What exactly is considered guided dentistry and what are the workflows involved in implementing guided procedures for your patients? Get an insight into this new approach to dentistry in this course.

    Why guided is non negotiable

    Why guided is non negotiable

    Learn about the benefits of guided dentistry that should make it a key part of your clinic workflows going forwards.

    Increasing predictability efficiency with devices

    Increasing predictability & efficiency with devices

    What specialties can we apply guided procedures to and what are the devices and techniques that allow us to do so.

    How to improve restorative cases with guided

    How to improve your restorative cases with guided

    How can we incorporate guided procedures to make our restorative cases more stress free, predictable and cost-effective.

    Dsd guided dentistry certification who is it for


    Digital smile design online dental learning platform instructor dr christian coachman
    Digital smile design online dental learning platform instructor dr Luken de Arbeloa

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The full concept of guided dentistry includes three phases:

    1. Planning in 3D software

    2. Manufacturing guides, appliances and restorations according to this treatment simulation

    3. Executing the clinical work with these guides, appliances and restorations to achieve an outcome that is close to or exactly the same as the initial plan.

    Yes! While most of you will be aware of guided implant solutions, this certification explores a variety of procedures where guided protocols, techniques and devices can help you elevate the predictability and precision of your procedures, from veneers to orthodontic treatment.

    The Guided Dentistry Certification is hosted in our online e-learning platform, DSD Online.

    A subscription to DSD Online costs $35 a month.

    Included in your subscription, you get access to the Guided Dentistry Certification, which is just one of DSD Online’s e-learning certification programs.

    Start with the Guided Dentistry Certification today and access the full e-learning catalog as you progress.

    The Guided Dentistry Certification is hosted in our online e-learning platform, DSD Online.

    A DSD Online subscription costs $35 a month.

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