Invisalign Collaboration Integration Process

DSD & Invisalign collaboration

Integration process

Join the DSD & Invisalign collaboration and build the future of orthodontics and dentistry with us!

Help shape the protocols and processes of the latest in orthodontic technology with the DSD & Invisalign collaboration and our new Treatment Planning Center (TPS).

Benefits of using the DSD & Invisalign Collaboration

PREDICTABILITY & RELIABILITY: Doing orthodontics in combination with DSD & Invisalign means rehabilitating our patients without focusing exclusively on the occlusion (which is what traditional ortho does). With the new workflow, on top of the best functional result, we will be taking into consideration the patient’s facial aesthetics.

UNDERSTANDING: The integration of DSD & Invisalign philosophies & protocols will bring us many advantages by aesthetically evaluating the case, understanding the possible limitations that may arise and facially driving the orthodontic treatment

The DSD & Invisalign Collaboration will help us communicate treatment plans to our patients in a simpler and more attractive way, with a huge emotional impact. With the DSD & Invisalign workflow you will be able to show the initial position of the teeth and the desired result, including soft tissue adjustments in combination with restorations and implants. After the planning process and before starting the clinical treatment, we can culminate the communication process with a smile mock-up which will motivate the patient to go through with the project.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: The DSD & Invisalign Collaboration elevates the standard ortho diagnostic parameters & clinical results, by combining the knowledge of the leading companies in ortho treatment and smile design into one integrated solution.