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A facially-driven DSD Ideal Smile Design of both the upper and lower arch and the ortho setup that will be used to guide the ClinCheck® design through DSD’s tools.

Once both the DSD Ideal Smile Design and orthodontic setup have been approved by you, we send our final Smile Design file to Invisalign so they can use it to guide the orthodontic treatment (guided by the face) and incorporate it into their ClinCheck tool for you to visualize and make any modifications if needed.

This product is ideal for orthodontic guidance using Invisalign and when you feel you may need the help from our Invisalign experts with ClinCheck (TPS). It can be used for purely ortho cases OR ortho & restorative cases.

Please note that this product can’t be “downgraded” to a Upper & Lower smile design that does not consider ortho.

03 business days (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days (DSD Members)

This is a digital product, delivered in PPT and STL format.

  • DSD Report of the treatment plan proposed considering ortho performed with Invisalign (and other specialties if needed), with the findings and 2D simulations of the ideal smile using the patient’s facial photos.

  • STL of the Motivational Mockup: The Ideal Smile Design placed buccaly in the actual situation. This is the STL you will use for the smile test drive, to help the patient to visualize and better understand the treatment plan.

  • Treatment Planning Service (TPS): DSD Invisalign team will receive the ClinCheck you ordered from Invisalign after you approve the Ideal Smile Design, and will work in the aligner sequence with the best teeth movement strategies so the final teeth position is optimal to receive the next phases of the approved treatment plan.

  • Video Call with Dr. Daniel or another ortho specialist from the DSD Invisalign team, to explain DSD’s teeth movement strategies for each case.

  • Unlimited quality control checks by DSD’s ortho/aligners specialists, when the TPS was performed by DSD.

  • This product DOES NOT include the cost of the Invisalign Treatment.