DSD Smile Design App Certification

DSD Smile Design App Certification

Learn how to communicate efficiently and confidently with your patients, team and lab for consistent and realistic clinical outcomes with step-by-step training on the DSD App.

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    If you think simulating smiles is complex and laborious, think again…

    Through the DSD App Certification, you’ll discover exactly why DSD's smile design app is the ideal starting point for your smile transformations and how to utilize this high-impact digital tool in the design process to deliver smiles that you and your patients are proud of.

    Following strict facially-driven parameters, you’ll learn for yourself why the DSD App is definitely not a social media gimmick…

    ✓ How to achieve realistic outcomes with this high-impact tool with step-by-step tutorials

    ✓ Simplify decision-making in the smile design process and reduce stress when inside the mouth


    ✓ How to build trust with patients and gain confidence in your treatment plans

    ✓ Increase efficiency by reducing the back and forth between your team and lab

    ✓ How to take advantage of the DSD App as a practical, visual tool for case planning and record-keeping

    ✓ How to reduce costly repetitions by introducing the DSD App into your workflows

    And much more!

    What’s included in the Certification?


    DSD App: The basic principles

    Learn the how to incorporate the DSD App into your daily workflows to take full advantage of its features and create clinically realistic blueprints for your smile transformations.


    Smile Designing with the DSD App

    Delve into how to customize each DSD App smile simulation: from tooth shape to color, lip outline to gums. Plus, how to inspire your patients and communicate effectively with your team and dental lab using the app.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    The DSD App by Digital Smile Design is a digital tool for dentists to create esthetic and functional smile designs that enhance patient communication. It facilitates collaboration among dental professionals and integrates with various dental technologies. The DSD App is a 2-dimensional tool for dentists that supports the initial study of a case and allows design modifications to the smile. It is an effective tool for:

    - dentists to start analyzing and understanding a patient’s face

    - communicating and motivating patients visually

    - improving communication between the clinic and dental lab

    As it is a 2D visualization tool that can be used for case acceptance, it is not a case planning or design software. It is a simulator that initiates the case study.

    With the DSD App you will be able to perform a 2D Digital Smile Design for your patient. The App has 10 libraries of teeth that can be adjusted to the needs of your patient. The App also functions as a great communication tool that you can use with your patient to explain the desired outcome of their treatment.

    With the DSD App you can study the face of your patients, observing the initial situation by tracing lines and curves that will help you understand the current condition.

    You can also start to analyze the potential ideal case, tracing new lines and curves (also known as the smile frame) that will determine the ideal position, size, shape and proportion of the teeth and perioral areas for that patient.

    Once you have drawn the lines and curves (smile frame) you will be able to create a simulation of the teeth to see a before and after.

    To study the complete case and to be able to discuss a treatment plan, 3D tools are needed in which more photographs of the patient, video, STL models, radiographs and/or CBCT, digital articulators, etc. are used. To do this, we have the DSD Planning Center service in which all these functions can be developed to plan a case.

    To learn how to really take advantage of the DSD App, please check out our DSD App Certification program if you want further on-demand training in how to use the app.

    The DSD App is compatible with:

    • iPad (Version 12.4 or above)
    • MacBook (M1 series or above)

    To download the DSD App onto your MacBook, you can do so through the iPadOS App Store page by clicking 'View in Mac App Store'.

    The DSD App Certification is hosted in our online e-learning platform, DSD Online.

    DSD Online is available through a monthly subscription plan, which costs $35 a month.

    Included in your subscription, you get access to the DSD App Certification, which is just one of DSD’s guided learning programs. Start with the DSD App Certification today and access the full e-learning catalog as you progress.

    The DSD App Certification is hosted in our online e-learning platform, DSD Online.

    DSD Online's monthly subscription plan costs $35 a month.