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An essential part of DSD's philosophy is the mastery of the skill of emotional digital dental photography.



Patients will never forget the emotional experience you provide

— Christian Coachman


We will teach you how to improve the emotional quality of your presentations to your patients, which will not only overall improve patient experience but also increase case acceptance

— Jesús Creagh

Course topics
  • Why photography is all about lighting
  • Diaphragm depth of field in dental photography
  • Histogram Exposure Modes White Balance
  • Studio flashes
  • Basic extraoral photography protocol
  • Light modifiers x extraoral photography
  • DSD photo protocol
  • Intraoral photography I
  • Artistic Portrait I
  • Artistic Portrait II
  • Before and After Video Set Up
Foto Federico Brunner copia

In this course, we will guide you step by step trough a very simple protocols that will transform you in a better photographer

— Federico Brunner

Course Outcomes

Due to demand, we are pleased to now offer a separate intensive 1-day practical photography course that focuses entirely on the following outcomes:
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DSD photo protocol opt
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Jesús Creagh
Jesús CreaghDentist - Sevilla, Spain


Federico Brunner
Federico BrunnerDentist - Madrid, Spain

Clínica Dental Orión

This course is divided into 50% theory and 50% practical and the information shared will be directly applicable to the DSD Photo Protocol and DSD workflow.