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Design remarkable smiles

Start with the Challenges

The DSD Concepts were born out of the necessity to address challenges faced by all modern dentists.

  • Challenge 1: Case Acceptance. How to demonstrate more value to patients
  • Challenge 2: How to collaborate more efficiently with a team of experts
  • Challenge 3: How to deliver naturally esthetic smiles consistently and affordably
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Great solutions are of little value if we don’t understand the challenges they are overcoming & how to communicate it to our clients.

What is Digital Smile Design?

With DSD you can design better smiles, treatment plan more effectively as a team, create perceived value and increase case acceptance, perform better treatments in a more efficient way

3 different ways to start learning Digital Smile Design.
Logos Education Path DSDDAY

Take your first step into the DSD world and understand how these concepts are revolutionizing the way we do dentistry.

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Use the DSD Online platform to access all the DSD course content in bite-sized format whenever and wherever you are.

Logos Education Path DSDRESIDENCY1
DSD Residency

Join us on this three-day course for a full immersion in the DSD concepts with Christian Coachman and the DSD team.

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Do It yourself

Connect the project to your inhouse /or local lab

We do it with you

DSD PLANNING CENTER : Get smiles designed by experts and improve your comprehensive dentistry

DSD LAB : Work with a Lab that fully understands digital solutions

DSD MARKETING : Allow us to help you tell the right stories about modern dentistry

Thank you so much DSD team and especially you Christian for the last four days. You gave me back all the motivation that I had when I graduated years ago 😄

— Mario Harvey

Thank you Dr. Coachman and your super team for a great few days. I just landed in San Francisco and my brain hasn’t stopped thinking about DSD in my office. Really cool!

— Elliot Singer

Awesome experience, I have immensely enjoyed the course and I look forward applying this methodology on my patients. It is the future!

— Sammy Hussan

Thanks Christian for everything and thank you to your awesome team. Can’t wait to start putting what I learned into action!❣

— Angelique Fallahi

It was an amazing smile test drive for all of us from the most humble person Christian. Thank you very much! Special thanks to the whole DSD team to make this happen and for your constant support.

— Amey Patil

3 types of Courses

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