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Briars Dental Center, Newbury, UK

DSD SUCCESS STORIES Karen Baghdasaryan

Viva Smile, California, USA


Clavell-Bate & Nephew Dental Surgeons, Whalley, UK

Traditional dentistry serves neither dentists nor patients

Dentists face immense pressure due to an outdated business model impaired by substandard clinic-to-lab workflows, ineffective treatment planning and poor connection with patients.

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Shift the way you do dentistry

Shift dental practice digital smile design

"Before DSD, I felt like I was just one in a sea of dentists and now when I go to a study club or a conference, I walk in the room with a bit of swagger with the feeling that ‘I do something that you guys don't do and I do it more predictably’. I have always been a good dentist, but now I feel way more confident."

Dr Kristen Donohue, owner of Sunshine Dentists, USA

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Dentists, teams and clinics grow with proven, repeatable systems

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Clear and Simple Steps to Transform Your Dental Practice

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Our commitment to you

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Proud dentist

You will deliver better care, feel excited about interacting with your patients and execute clinically with confidence and less stress.

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Happy patients

Your patients will receive meaningful treatment, build sincere relationships with you and experience trust and comfort in your clinic.

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Great business

Your clinic business will grow with high case conversion and patient loyalty, and systems of consistent and scalable efficiency.

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