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Why work with the DSD Lab as a DSD Planning Center client

From guaranteed commitment to the art of guided dentistry, the DSD Lab offers a unique set of benefits designed to elevate your practice.

2 min read
Bite splint design tips from the DSD Planning Center

Eduardo Peraza, Quality Control Manager, reveals the DSD team’s best insights for designing bite splints for 3D printing

2 min read
What is the ideal material for 3 D printed bite splints

Christian Coachman discusses bite splint printing materials with Dr Elisa Praderi from Formlabs Dental

3 min read
Redefining Patient Care Dr Jonas Uffelmanns DSD Journey

How the DSD journey reshaped this dentists’ approach to digital dentistry and patient care

4 min read
The pathway to comprehensive care Dr Gustavo de Oliveiras DSD journey

Learn how Dr Gustavo de Oliveira transformed his clinic into a top-rated comprehensive care clinic with DSD

4 min read
Can I work with my dental lab and the DSD Planning Center

Exploring the benefits of sticking with your current dental lab when working with the DSD Planning Center.

3 min read
LEARNING HUB CARD THUMBNAILS DSD launches Bite Splint Masterclass with Formlabs Dental

Learn how this new DSD Masterclass elevates your restorative dentistry with 3D-printed bite splints, enhancing the efficient and profitability of your dental practice.

2 min read
LEARNING HUB CARD THUMBNAILS What does it cost to implement DSD in your office

Uncover the costs of DSD implementation to start planning your DSD journey today

3 min read