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DSD Education Portfolio


 Pragmatic solutions with implementation powered by the DSD Planning Center.


Observe 20+ clinical procedures demonstrated live on patients in a DSD Clinic.


How to treat simple to complex orthodontics cases with clinically validated, science-based protocols.


A 2-day in-clinic training experience for you and your team on high-impact DSD methods.


Step into DSD and how these concepts are revolutionizing the way we do dentistry.


A 2-day course for clinic team members to empower and upskill them in DSD protocols.

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The uncompromising standards of DSD courses

Every course brings together the most relevant academic literature and industry know-how, combined with decades of collective practical experience.
The DSD Education team has some of dentistry’s most accomplished speakers, such as Christian Coachman, who regularly presents at dental congresses worldwide.
Another hallmark of DSD courses is the attention paid to the details of the course experience, whether in person or broadcast livestream.
The great thing about DSD courses is that they attract dental professionals who share the same passion for Comprehensive Digital Care.
Continuing Education credits for DSD courses are provided by Dental Academy USA, an American Dental Association (ADA) CERP Recognized Provider.
Course participants gain access to BeDSD, our education community platform for additional content, online discussions and networking.


DSD courses change everything

I can only say that this was the most incredibly gratifying and exciting thing that I've done in my entire career

My impression of the course? Holy crap, it's mindblowing! I'm sorry but that's the reality. You really can't imagine all of the beauty and excitement that technology - I've always thought it's a sad thing for those of us who have done things by hand - i love to bond, shaping things and contouring things, yet we're in a world where expectations are so detailed now and even with 32 years of doing what i've done and i've done it successfully - there are challenges that arise that now can be solved with digital workflows. So i can only say this was the most incredibly gratifying and exciting thing that i've done in so long in my entire career.

I've always thought that I was great at communication but when I listen to Christian, I come here with a learner's mind, because I have to learn a lot.

Dr. Amanda Canto, USA
DSD Residency 2

that exceeded my expectations

I think that a huge part of this course is about how you can have your first time appointment and your second time appointment with your patients, I think that exceeded my expectations. I've got so many ideas by thinking around this and got to see so much more than I can do to be better for my patients, so they can have an even better feeling.

Dr. Ingrid Fjaervik, Norway
DSD Residency 1 IN PERSON

I highly recommend these courses as a way to grow your business, to become more enthusiastic about your practice it is absolutely invaluable

The amount of information, not just in Christian’s lectures but behind the scenes in reading information that’s there, the examinations you do, the exercises that are set for you, is incredible. It would take you years to get through some of it, there is really a lot. It’s an amazing investment to make for you and for your practice. I highly recommend these courses as a way to grow your business, as a way to become more enthusiastic about your practice, as a way to involve your team in your practice - it is absolutely invaluable! Invest in DSD Residency 1 Livestream, have a look at Digital Smile Design: it really is the future of cosmetic dentistry and will really make you so much more enthusiastic about your work, about your practice, and that comes through in your team and your staff, and obviously helps grow your practice as well.

Dr. Richard Morrison, Ireland
DSD Residency 1 Livestream

everyone that is doing good dentistry is caring about good communication

I thought it was more technical stuff; sitting at the computer designing smiles, but smile design is so much communication, which is really cool to hear. I like this, because I think actually, everyone that is doing good dentistry is caring about good communication. But hearing from an expert like Christian Coachman, hearing how important it is to do this, this is a new to win patients over. So that was really new for me. I made so many notes on my sheet of paper: talk to the technician, talk to all of my colleagues, we have to have more understanding, communication is the key...

Dr. Jonas Uffelmann, Italy
DSD Residency 1 IN PERSON