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Dr Sheena Sood
Dr Sheena Sood, Canada

“The consultancy brings the magic of DSD in house. So all of a sudden that energy that I had, and the passion that I had, was brought to my team and it elevated my team to another level.”

Dr Saghi Helmi
Dr Saghi Helmi, Netherlands

“It was one of the most awesome experiences for my team. It's always a very empowering and very exciting experience for the team to actually have someone from DSD come into our clinic.”


"Become a DSD Clinic changes the experience for the dentist and the team. With the new technology and the tools DSD provides we know we can reach the best outcomes for patients."

Gain total buy-in from your team

The DSD Consultancy is a one-of-a-kind solution that enables DSD Members to overcome these challenges by turning the DSD ideas into reality in their own clinic.

It’s the training you need to bring your team on board and start providing better solutions for your patients.

Stop struggling to implement DSD on your own

As a clinic owner, do you understand how DSD could benefit your clinic, but struggle to find the time to make the ideas a reality?

It’s true – you can implement DSD in your clinic on your own. But training your team and making the digital workflow a routine takes time, effort and dedication.

The DSD Consultancy removes these barriers. You benefit from our full support to make implementing DSD quick, easy and efficient.

What sets the DSD Consultancy apart?

The DSD Consultancy makes it easier than ever for you to get the buy-in of your whole clinic team.
In clinic trainning ico1 4x
In-clinic training

Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary travel. The DSD team will train your staff in YOUR office.

Location ico2 4x
Location specific learning

This in-house training is customized to your challenges, your team and your patients – all in your own clinic environment.

Full team inmersion ico 3 4x
Full team immersion

Give your staff the full DSD experience to bring them on board with the techniques and concepts you fell in love with.

What do I get in a DSD Consultancy?

The DSD Consultancy is designed for the whole clinic team because that’s where the magic happens. It’s a combination of online learning and personalized in-house training. Together, they help you master the three essential aspects for quick and easy implementation of DSD.
Motivating your team ico4 4x
Motivating your team

You can’t do DSD by yourself – having the right team by your side and bringing them on board with the concepts is key to your success.

Following ico5 4x
Following the DSD moments

We train you and your team to flawlessly execute the dynamics of the 1st and 2nd appointments and improve treatment and patient experience.

Mastering ico6 4x
Mastering the DSD roles

Hire and upskill your team members in the key DSD roles that will ensure the digital workflow becomes routine and run your clinic successfully: the DSD Coordinator, the visionary, the communicator.

Consultancy 1
DSD Team ConsultancyCourses

The DSD Team Consultancy is the best way for us to help you implement DSD in your practice.

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JJ Gómez

Delight Americas Director

“This will help you to sell more cases, this will help you do better dentistry and this will help you have happier, more satisfied patients.”

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Three challenges, one clear solution

Today’s modern dental clinic owner faces three main challenges:

The good news?

Implementing Digital Smile Design in the clinic will overcome each of these challenges.

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