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DSD Management

Christian Coachman
Christian CoachmanCEO & Founder

Javier Gago
Javier GagoGeneral Manager

Juan J. Gomez
Juan J. GomezSales & Business Development Manager Americas

John Coachman
John CoachmanSales & Business Development Manager EMEA

Peipei Cao
Peipei CaoGeneral Manager Greater China

Francis Coachman
Francis CoachmanPlanning Center & Lab Operations Manager

Brendon Macdonald
Brendon MacdonaldCorporate Marketing Manager

Tatiana Coachman
Tatiana CoachmanClinical Excellence Manager

George Cabanas
George CabanasResearch & Development Manager

Guillermo Manzano
Guillermo ManzanoCorporate Functions Manager

DSD Education

Luken De Arbeloa
Luken De ArbeloaEducation Strategy Director

Carmen Caballero
Carmen CaballeroAcademics & Community Coordinator EMEA

Lindiane Rigo
Lindiane RigoAcademics & Community Coordinator USA

David San José
David San JoséEducation Business Analyst

Santiago Ondo
Santiago OndoEvent Manager USA

Nicoly Coachman
Nicoly CoachmanEducation Director Brazil

Chantal Amarante
Chantal AmaranteBrazil Education Coordinator

Paulina Herbes
Paulina HerbesEvent Manager EMEA

Keith Ord
Keith OrdEducation Operations Support

Planning Center

Ángel Luis Sánchez
Ángel Luis SánchezPlanning Center Coordinator

Antonio Sánchez
Antonio SánchezCAD Designer Team Leader

Daniel Prieto
Daniel PrietoCAD Designer Team Leader

Edorta Jiménez
Edorta JiménezCAD Designer Team Leader

Lorena Labandera
Lorena LabanderaCAD Designer Team Leader

Adrián Brojanigo
Adrián BrojanigoDentist - Orthodontist

Alba Sánchez
Alba SánchezCAD Designer

Alejandra González
Alejandra GonzálezCAD Designer

Alejandro Caride
Alejandro CarideDentist - Guided Surgery

Carmen Frutos
Carmen FrutosSenior CAD Designer

Daniela Gerónimo
Daniela GerónimoDentist - Orthodontist

David Molina
David MolinaCAD Designer

Dina Moreno
Dina MorenoCAD Designer

José Sirica
José SiricaDentist - CAD Designer

Kathy Dos Ramos
Kathy Dos RamosDentist - Prosthodontist

Laura Coirazza
Laura CoirazzaSenior CAD Designer

Laura Jiménez
Laura JiménezCAD Designer

Manuel Gómez
Manuel GómezSenior CAD Designer

Marta Sánchez
Marta SánchezSenior CAD Designer

Patricia Cañizares
Patricia CañizaresCAD Designer

Paula Picón
Paula PicónCAD Designer

Verónica Padilla
Verónica PadillaDentist - Orthodontist

Paula Romano
Paula RomanoCAD Designer

Marta Alegre
Marta AlegreCAD Designer

Valeria Evangelista
Valeria EvangelistaReceivable Manager

Christian Conde
Christian CondePlanning Center Admin


Ângelo Raphael
Ângelo RaphaelNatural Restorations Lead

Renata Alves
Renata AlvesFinance Manager

Ángela Martín
Ángela MartínDental Prosthetic

Davi Berbet
Davi BerbetDesigner

Ellen Teodoro
Ellen TeodoroImpression Specialist

José Mª de Pablos
José Mª de PablosDental Prosthetic

Gustavo Cople
Gustavo CopleClinical Customer Support


Caterina Castellanos
Caterina CastellanosAccount Executive

Christopher Mandly
Christopher MandlyDSD Clinics Account Manager

Cova Ramis
Cova RamisAccount Executive

Gabriel Murray
Gabriel MurraySales Account Executive

José Luis Heredia
José Luis HerediaClinical Consultant

Luis Lerzundy
Luis LerzundyDSD Implementation Specialist

Maria Cabanellas
Maria CabanellasAccount Executive

Víctor Modrego

Williams Gonzalez
Williams GonzalezClinical Consultant

Customer Support

Vanessa Gonçalves
Vanessa GonçalvesFirst Case Manager

Carlos González
Carlos GonzálezClinical Customer Support


Marita Macdonald
Marita MacdonaldContent Director

Jesús Ramos
Jesús RamosMarketing Operations Manager

Daniel Toomes
Daniel ToomesCreative Director

Antonio Jiménez
Antonio JiménezUX/UI Designer

Stephanie Wrennall
Stephanie WrennallContent Writer

Simon Duffy
Simon DuffyPaid Media Manager

Carlota Solla
Carlota SollaDigital Project Manager

Daisy Mason

Doris Da Silva

Katherine Jerez
Katherine JerezDigital Account Executive

Iván Martín
Iván MartínData Analyst

Francesca Palumbo
Francesca PalumboSocial Media Specialist

Corporate functions

Fernando Agra
Fernando AgraFinance Director

Diana Ruiz
Diana RuizAccounts & Payment Manager

Sofía Hernández
Sofía HernándezHead of Administration

Matteo Graziosi
Matteo GraziosiHuman Resources Manager

Beatriz Primo
Beatriz PrimoCorporate Lawyer

Eunice Asare
Eunice AsareFinancial Analyst

Gabriel Coachman
Gabriel CoachmanBusiness Analyst

DSD China

Cassen Lu
Cassen LuSales Representative

Eddie Zheng
Eddie ZhengCAD Designer

YaYa Chen

Ethan Yi
Ethan YiMarketing

Jeff Yu
Jeff YuSales Representative

Neeko Wang
Neeko WangCAD Designer

Penny Pan
Penny PanMarketing


Ralph Georg
Ralph GeorgDSD App CEO & Co-Founder

Tatjana Georg
Tatjana GeorgChief Operations Officer

Andrea Stohlmann
Andrea StohlmannCustomer Success Manager

Ana Christina Bulnes
Ana Christina BulnesCustomer Success Manager

Ana Maria Calderon
Ana Maria CalderonCustomer Success Manager

Carmina Braicau
Carmina BraicauCustomer Success Manager

Diogo Alves
Diogo AlvesDSDApp Lead Instructor

Javier Moreira II
Javier Moreira IIVideographer and 3D Designer

Michelle Carpio
Michelle CarpioPartnership Development Senior Manager

Oscar Merlo
Oscar MerloMarketing And Development Manager

Tatiana Mendoza
Tatiana MendozaDigital Marketing Manager

Thayana Brandao
Thayana BrandaoCustomer Success Manager