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DSD Planning Center services

PLANNING CENTER Design Plan and Motivate

Design, Plan and Motivate

Every comprehensive case starts with facially-driven design, enabling dentists to make better decisions, improve treatment planning and skyrocket case acceptance.



World-class services to perform comprehensive dentistry and execute on treatment plans with precision and total confidence, with predictable and excellent outcomes.



Deliver outstanding comprehensive dentistry and exceed patient expectations from treatment plan to final result every time with this selection of proven methods.


How dentists work with the DSD Planning Center

The impact is unbelievable...

The impact is unbelievable because I am so secure performing my treatments because the are so well thought out before and I am predictable in the outcome.

Dr Stephan Eckrich
DSD Clinic owner, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

The DSD Planning Center is exclusive to DSD Clinics and doctors enrolled in the DSD Mastership program. Once onboarded in either pathway, doctors will be guided by the team on the necessary steps required to submit a case. All cases submitted to the DSD Planning Center follow the detailed protocol and patient digitalization steps to facilitate 3D treatment planning.

A popular option for many DSD Planning Center clients is the DSD Upper as it is a powerful motivational tool for patients that facilitates case acceptance.

It includes a digital smile wax-up of the upper arch, designed from the facially-driven analysis of the patient.

The DSD Interdisciplinary is another popular product; it features a DSD Report with comprehensive treatment plan suggestions and digital simulations of all the options. In addition, there is a scheduled video call with a member of the DSD Planning Center’s Interdisciplinary Team to discuss the case in detail. This product includes

  • STL of the Upper Smile Design over the original model (pre-treatment)

  • STL of the Lower Smile Design over the original model (pre-treatment)

  • STL of the Upper Smile Designs with the digitally reduced model (post-treatment)

  • STL of the Lower Upper Smile Designs with the digitally reduced model (post-treatment)

  • STL of the Motivational Mockup

  • Live Treatment Plan (LTP) session with a DSD Interdisciplinary expert

To work with the DSD Planning Center in the most effective way you will need:

  1. A Professional photography set (camera, strobes, softboxes, etc.) or amateur (mobile phone and led light ring).

  2. An intraoral scanner is an important part of the DSD patient digitalization stage. We can provide you with advice on buying an intraoral scanner and instructions on how to use it as part of our protocols.

  3. A device from which to order the cases, review the reports that will be sent to you after the planning and to present the treatment to the patient, ideally a computer but it can also be a tablet.

  4. A 3D printer is not mandatory, but very useful to improve and speed up the digital dentistry process.

  5. Clinical materials associated with digital dentistry: for example, guided surgery implant boxes and their attachments.

  6. Cone Beam CT - optional

  7. Facial scanner - optional

No specific dental software is required to work with DSD. However, with each case, the DSD Planning Center provides PowerPoint presentation files that we recommend using as the case presentation for patients. Ideally, dentists should have either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote to use this presentation.

As a DSD Planning Center client there is no limit to the number of cases you can submit at any given time. With each purchase you earn DSD Coins, the rewards program that unlocks additional benefits.

DSD Clinics have a special concierge online group with direct access to DSD Planning Center advisors and key DSD doctors, who are available to assist on all cases and address general queries. Doctors enrolled in the DSD Mastership enjoy this same support system from a mentoring group composed of a DSD Coordinator and a Clinical Consultant.

Besides these exclusive groups, all doctors have direct communication to DSD Planning Center and DSD Lab when they open a case, via an online chat in the same webpage. This means all clinical discussions are organized by patient and are easy to follow and to receive notifications from.

Another type of client communication channel is the Live Treatment Planning and Live Surgical Planning sessions, which are scheduled individually with expert team members to discuss cases with the doctor on an online video chat. These calls are included with certain products such as the DSD Interdisciplinary.

The DSD Mastership enrollment fee ranges between $1800-4000. This price is tailored to different zones around the world and it is often sold as part of a bundle with DSD Residency 2 course or the DSD Team Consultancy - both of which enhance the DSD Mastership and fast track implementation success. There is also a planning and manufacturing fee associated with each submitted case that you will present, which can range from $300 to $1,500 depending on the complexity of the case, which takes the place of the spending you would be doing with your own manufacturing lab.

As a DSD Clinic, the monthly membership starts from $4000 and this guarantees access to the DSD Planning Center. Clients order and pay per product and many DSD Clinics successfully build these into their patient fees. Every transaction earns clients DSD Coins, the rewards program that unlocks additional benefits. Single-fee contracts are available for an additional monthly fee which include unlimited case designs for DSD Upper, DSD Lower, DSD Upper and Lower and DSD Shell products.

As a client, the more products ordered from the DSD Planning Center, the more benefits and the more DSD Coins are earned. Product prices are adjusted according to world regions to reflect purchasing power in different countries. The monthly DSD Clinics fee starts from $4000 and single-fee contracts are available that include unlimited case designs for DSD Upper, DSD Lower, DSD Upper and Lower and DSD Shell products. Many DSD Clinics successfully build the product costs into their patient fees.

Yes, many dentists continue to use their own labs for the manufacturing of products designed by the DSD Planning Center. All STL files are provided to clients via a data protected channel.

The DSD Planning Center works with dentists based around the world, from New Zealand to Canada and many countries in between. As a result, it has always operated an efficient asynchronous communication method using our website chat and dedicated concierge groups. The official working hours of the DSD Planning Center are 9am-6pm, Central European Time, Monday to Friday. Team members also work in shifts to accommodate doctors in different time zones. Live Treatment Planning sessions are scheduled with the doctors at a time that is convenient to them.

Delivery times vary between products. For example, the delivery time for an interdisciplinary product is 7 business days and this includes a Live Treatment Planning call with one of the DSD Planning Center team members. Other products, such as the DSD Upper, take 3 business days. Every product delivery time is listed on the webpage and specific deadlines can be discussed with the support team.

Every product in the DSD Planning Center store is unique. When you visit the DSD Planning Center online store page and click onto any product you will see a section with information such as "What is this product? and What is included with this product?" which gives you the necessary and detailed information about every product, including the delivery time.

The DSD Planning Center will always start working on a case with a main design product. Every new case starts with a Digital Smile Design. The main design products are the DSD Upper & Lower, the DSD Upper or the DSD Lower, depending on which arches are to be planned and treated. In cases where the doctor is certain the patient will accept ortho treatment, the DSD Ortho Planning or the DSD&Invisalign+TPS products can be selected. Regardless of the case, the DSD Planning Center team can answer questions and guide doctors through these steps.

DSD has developed a simple Documentation Protocol for doctors to document and digitalize all their patients in an organized and agile way. This protocol is composed of 5 facial photos, 1 video and 3 intraoral scan files.With this basic documentation and a main design product added to your case, DSD will start working on the smile design for our patient. For more complex cases, DSD will require x-rays and CBCTs. To accurately plan the surgery guides and to produce Natural Restorations that have the perfect fit, DSD has also developed precise protocols for scanning and margin validations, and clients have the full support of the DSD Lab to ensure the best quality outcomes.

The DSD Planning Center is the first and still the only facially driven comprehensive digital planning service in the world. The service is effective in helping doctors make better planning decisions and better communicate with their patients (and within their teams).To keep the quality consistently high, a high-end team of doctors, CAD designers, dental technicians and engineers is employed at the DSD Planning Center.

For that reason, the services are not open to all doctors, but just to the ones that are certified DSD Clinics or enrolled in the DSD Mastership program. To become a DSD Planning Center client, you need the basic DSD training that you will receive in the Residency 1 courses (in-person or livestream). After the basic knowledge training, to be able to use the DSD Planning Center you will need to sign up for the DSD Mastership clinical certification, where our team will help you with the practical implementation of DSD with your own patients. The natural progression from here is to become a certified DSD Clinic, which brings with it a suite of benefits in addition to access to the DSD Planning Center.

The entire portfolio of DSD Planning Center services is complex, comprehensive and dependent on high-quality people and systems. This means we can only serve a certain number of doctors to a high standard. In the meantime we are investing in growing the team and improving our systems to scale with quality. In addition, due to the complexity of the DSD Planning Center products and services, dentists who get the most out of it are the ones who have an established understanding of DSD and implement it in their clinics.

Another consequence of our exclusive access is the enriching interactions and close collaboration we are able to foster with our clients every day. One of the DSD core values is ‘relationships’ and an extension of this is the way we work with our clients, grounded in discussion and deciding together on the best options for every patient.

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