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Harness the imperfections of nature to produce beautiful, natural-looking smiles

Natural Restorations Course

How does this course differ

3-day program

The DSD Natural Restorations course is an intensive, over-the-shoulder course in which we demonstrate the full workflow with a real patient: from initial documentation to 3D planning, preparation and design of veneers, to milling and bonding.

The course also provides participants with valuable hands-on experience, with the chance to practice on a printed model and learn how to follow the DSD concept step by step to deliver perfect, natural-looking results.

CC Quote

I love the fact that with technology we can serve many more patients. This is what we call ‘natural restorations

course locations

When & where
LP 3
Natural Restorations CourseUS$2,600.00

26 to 28 March 2020


This course will be an excellent training experience for dentists who do prostheses and esthetic dentistry and want to:

  • Improve their digital workflow
  • Learn the newest protocols in minimally invasive dentistry
  • Take advantage of the DSD Natural Restorations concept
What to expect?

You’ve learned about the DSD Natural Restorations concept at Residency 1, now we’ll help you put it into practice.

On this course you will:

  • Be inspired by world-class speakers
  • Learn essential theoretical knowledge
  • Acquire exceptional hands-on experience
  • Observe live patient demonstrations
  • Discover how to produce beautiful, natural-looking results

You’ll watch the full process with a real patient and get practical experience of using the DSD Concept to deliver perfect natural results.

What will you be able to do after the course?

You will be able to perform more predictable, facially guided DSD Natural Restorations -- in less time and with personal clinical satisfaction and delight from your patients.

CC Quote

By copying and pasting nature into our new designs, we are re-learning natural esthetics, and falling in love with nature again!

DSD Natural Restorations Course

day to day guide
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IMG 20190406 WA0023
JCZ5937 min


Francis Coachman
Francis CoachmanDSD Planning Center Executive Director

Carla de Castro
Carla de CastroTechnician - São Paulo, Brazil

SÉRGIO SARAIVADentist - Sobral, Brazil


Angelo Raphael Coelho
Angelo Raphael CoelhoDentist - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

DSD Planning Center Brasil Director

course locations

When & where
LP 3
Natural Restorations CourseUS$2,600.00

26 to 28 March 2020