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At first i doubted many times about doing the Residency, maybe because of my inexpirience in the prosthetics world and not knowing what i would find. Also because the internet conection in my country is very unstable and i was afraid of not being able to complete the course. After giving it lots of thoughts i decided to try and learn something new. I could not be more amazed of everything that the DSD world has to offer. First i liked that i could watch the clases direct online or when my timing was addecuate; second, It is not only making a nice smile, it's a whole new world, a full experience that everyone should try. DSD is a Big family, is about making everyone participate in a life changing dynamic not only for the patient, but for the whole staff. I highly recomend everyone that can, to do this Residency, you have no idea all the information they have to share with all of us.