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Spend less than the price of your daily coffee and enroll in multiple certification programs.

DSD ONLINE PAGE ICON Flexible learningFlexible learning

Learn at your own pace and revisit material as many times as you need - as long as you are subscribed.

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Get a certificate for each program and gain DSD Member status upon completion of all programs.

The DSD Online course programs

Enhance your skills and knowledge at any career stage and get everything included for one fixed monthly price.

DSD ONLINE Certification What is DSD

What is DSD

Get to grips with DSD's proven concepts and workflows and start your journey.

DSD ONLINE Certification First Appointment

The First Appointment

Explore how to deliver a gold-standard experience for every patient.

DSD ONLINE Certification Smile Design Principles

Smile Design Principles

Delve into the theoretical principles of smile design and hone your skills.

DSD ONLINE Certification DSD App

DSD App Smile Design

Learn how to leverage the DSD App's full suite of tools and streamline workflows.

DSD ONLINE Certification Guided Dentistry

Guided Dentistry

Explore how predictable guided techniques can become part of your daily practice.

The Coachman family

See what you can learn with DSD Online

Focused learning for targeted results

DSD ONLINE Attract Convert the Ideal Patients 23
DSD ONLINE Simplify Your Treatment Planning
DSD ONLINE Get Consistent Clinic Lab Results

Get a sneak peek of the content

Systems for dental practice growth

Delivering an exceptional 1st appointment

Drawing exercise: Awaken your artistic skills

Why facially-driven smile design is non negotiable

Dentists achieving their goals with DSD

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What’s included in the DSD Online subscription

‎Flexible learning paths

Choose from a number of guided certification programs that suit your specific topics of interest and growth areas and avoid additional expenses for travel, accommodation, or time away from your practice with on-demand guided learning.

What is DSD Certification

What is DSD

1st Appointment Certification

The First Appointment

Smile Design Principles Certification

Smile Design Principles

DSD App Certification

DSD App Smile Design

Guided Dentistry Certification

Guided Dentistry

Content Library and Video Section

Content library & monthly drops

Take advantage of our video library on the hottest dentistry topics. Current available topics:

  • DSD Lab Reality series with Christian Coachman
  • Analog vs. Digital Tools
  • Intraoral Scanning
  • 3D Printing
  • Airway Dentistry

And new subscribers-only content dropped every month to support your learning journey and implementation of the effective solutions you’ll explore through the on-demand certification programs.

Cost-effective learning

DSD ONLINE Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription

$35/month. Cancel any time.

DSD ONLINE All Certifications
Access to All Certifications

Unlimited access to our entire certification program catalog and content.

DSD ONLINE No Hidden Fees
No Hidden Fees

Transparent pricing with no surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a DSD Online subscription, you get access to:

1. The entire DSD on-demand certification catalog

2. A video library on digital dentistry’s hottest topics

3. New content dropped every month to support your learning

4. Our members-only SYNC podcast - coming soon!

Access to the content in DSD Online is available through our monthly subscription plan. You get unlimited access to all the content in the platform, as long as you are subscribed. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but you’ll no longer be able to access the content once the final billing date has passed.

There’s no limit. You can earn a certificate for each certification you complete.