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DSD Clinic Exclusive Services - Naming, Logo & Brand Identity Bundle

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Whether it's maturing your current brand, starting a sub brand or opening a whole new brand we will help you build a brand that speaks to you, your values and will help you intergrate DSD & Smile Design into your practice

The branding project would be split into the following stages.Brand Archetyping

This involves some short questions and preferences which are at the bottom of this document.

This helps guide us on your brand values and aspirations for the new brand.

Round OneName & Logo Concepts

We take all of the data provided above and we create a large amount of variables, early ideas which we then present to you in the form of a link which you can visit and comment on each name & logo.

The timeline for this stage is roughly 1 week. Then your feedback is additional to that timescale.

Sign Off!

If you are happy with the name / logo, we require a written sign off from you.

This then prevents us from revising any further and starts the process of asset creation as per the next stage.

Generation of all supporting assets + your branding guidelines documentGeneration of all supporting assets + your branding guidelines document

Branding Document (Rulesets and Guidelines for implementing the newly established brand)

Business Cards


Compliment Slip



Thank You Card

The duration of this stage is 2 weeks.

Deliver finalisedBrand, logo design and brand guidelines

We deliver you a Dropbox link (which you can download locally also) that contains your new brand.


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