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Artistic skills
Hone your hand-eye coordination and artistic smile design skills
Orofacial esthetics
The fundamentals to create natural-looking smile rehabilitations
Improved lab communication
Effective collaboration tactics between dentists and technicians
Smile design integration
Learn how to better integrate smile design with treatment planning
Course Program Designing Smiles



Dr Ramin Tabib Testimonial Image headshot

...this course is nothing short of spectacular...

I have been a practicing cosmetic dentist for a while. I feel like I do good work and have a good grasp of smile design. However, when Christian Coachman decided to introduce an online course called Designing Smiles I had to suspend judgment and quiet my ego to take a look at this course. Christian is an amazing communicator and this course is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a course that is not only thorough, it’s also very insightful and practical. Going through the hands-on section of this program was critical for me as it tied in all the information that was presented.

Dr. Ramin Tabib
New York, USA


This course was designed for dental professionals who want to overcome these common smile design obstacles:
Maximising on technology

Not knowing how to make the best use of dental technology

Creating natural results

Producing artificial-looking smiles that lack dentofacial harmony

Smile design foundations

Not linking clinically feasible smile design with treatment planning

This course is designed to propell your success with smile design

Designing smiles step 1

Reserve your seat and join us at the online classes and networking between sessions on our community platform.

Designing smiles step 2

Assimilate the wealth of knowledge and resources that are shared on this course in this engaging livestream format.

Designing smiles step 3

Enjoy the results of implementing the proven smile design principles in your daily work.

Dr Bill Marais Testimonial Image headshot

...I am incredibly excited about the knowledge Christian shared with us...

I have been a dental technician for 32 years and my lab has become known for its full mouth reconstruction cases. I honestly thought I understood full mouth reconstruction and implemented the best possible means for reconstructing patients’ smiles.

Christian Coachman’s DSD Designing Smiles Course has humbled me! It showed me what I did NOT know.

I am incredibly excited about the knowledge Christian shared with us during this course, and it has been most rewarding implementing this knowledge now in my daily work in the lab. Christian also taught me what to ask of my clients - the necessary photos and videos, preps and surgery (basically, the tools necessary for a beautiful and successful outcome for our patients’ new smiles) so that I had everything I needed on the technical side to go ahead and successfully reconstruct smiles.

The beautiful smiles, happy patients and clients are alone a direct testament to the knowledge I gained from completing this course. Much gratitude to DSD and Christian!

Dr. Bill Marais
Lab Technician, Portland Oregon
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What Should You Expect Designing Smiles
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