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Invisalign® ClinCheck® Treatment Planning Service

provided by DSD

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Using the DSD Planning Center for ClinCheck® Treatment Planning Service you will:

  1. Save time
  2. Benefit from specialist team knowledge
  3. Grow your Invisalign® clear aligner business

DSD is proud to offer this unique service delivered by an interdisciplinary team which includes highly trained orthodontists that specialize in ClinCheck® software. They will develop high-quality digital treatment plans to achieve excellent outcomes for your patients. Anyone running a busy dental office will know that mastering a new system can be time-consuming. That is why we are excited to offer this valuable time-saving service that will ensure high-quality treatment plans.


The DSD Planning Center supports dentists to develop their teeth straightening expertise and deliver top quality treatment, regardless of whether they are a DSD Member or not. If you are an Invisalign® provider or if you are planning to become one, you can count on us.


The Process

The steps in this process from start to finish are
Submit your Invisalign® case

Receive initial ClinCheck from Invisalign® and review

STEPS 04 2
Select DSD for ClinCheck® TPS

After initial Clincheck is received, select DSD Planning Center to complete treatment planning

Invisalign® delivered to clinic

Treatment is ready to begin