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2-day intensive program with DSD Team

We are proud to bring you an intensive 2-day DSD Coordinators Course for clinic staff members only. This course is ideal for any clinic starting its DSD journey, NOT only for DSD Clinics.

Don’t delay to upskill your team with this dedicated education program, presented by the talented DSD Education team.

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Every clinic wanting to implement DSD principles needs a DSD Coordinator; every DSD Coordinator needs essential training

There are currently no dates and locations available... Check back soon!

Course information

The course material is applicable to all dental team members, regardless of experience in Digital Smile Design. Through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and panel discussions, participants will receive essential training in how to successfully implement DSD concepts such as:

  1. Comprehensive patient documentation
  2. Understanding smile simulation
  3. Effective communication with the DSD Planning Center
  4. Management of a case from start to finish
  5. Mastering the mock-up appointment
  6. Creating high impact emotional presentations
  7. DSD advantages to help closing treatment plans
  8. Upgrading cases in the DSD Planning Center for a fully digital workflow
  9. How to build excellent relationships with patients and the office team
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the course goal is to generate a change and feed people with information and enough energy to allow them Monday morning to change the way they practice or improve the way they practice

Are you...

...a DSD Clinic and want to grow a team member into the DSD Coordinator role?

...already a DSD Coordinator and want to expand your knowledge and skills? without a current licence for the country where you want to practice?

...highly experienced Treatment Coordinator or Sales Professional?


An excellent training experience for any dental clinic staff member.

  • Nurses, Dental assistants
  • Marketing Technicians,
  • Office Managers
  • Treatment Coordinators

DSD Coordinators course

Day to day guide


A DSD Coordinator key responsibilities

The DSD Coordinator is responsible for the key milestones throughout the patient journey
  • Intraoral scanning
  • Extraoral patient photos
  • Filming patient videos
  • Ordering cases to be sent to the DSD Planning Center
  • Following up with case design
  • Managing the patient relationship
  • Giving patients a concierge level of service


Carmen Caballero
Carmen CaballeroLead Clinical Consultant & Mastership Manager

Lindiane Rigo
Lindiane RigoLead Clinical Consultant & Implementation Manager

Natalia Inostroza
Natalia InostrozaAccount Manager

Elena Kurka
Elena KurkaClinical Consultant

JJ Gómez
JJ GómezDelight Americas Director

Maria Cabanellas
Maria CabanellasSenior Executive Manager of Clinic Development

Nicola Kapetanakis
Nicola KapetanakisDSD Coordinator - Sydney, Australia

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