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DSD Perio Analysis


The 3D DSD Perio Analysis includes detailed measurements from current and ideal gingival margins and in relation to the CEJ and bone situation.

It is created by overlapping the DSD Ideal Design with the CBCT, from which measurements are taken and a video is generated showing the distances between the current and the ideal gingival margins.

It also includes the CEJ and bone situation for ideal periodontal procedure planning.

IMPORTANT: CBCT/.DICOM files are mandatory.

This product is ideal for all crown lengthening cases, especially when more substantial soft tissue changes are required.

You'll be provided with very clear measurements and information on the actual biological width, and if bone reduction/reshaping is needed to maintain an ideal biological width.

It will also inform you if the flap needs to be opened, or if you can opt for a more delicate, flap-less procedure.

03 business days (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days (DSD Members)

This is a digital product, delivered in PPT format.

The DSD Perio Analysis includes a report with the detailed gingival margin, bone and CEJ measurements and videos.

Yes, you'll need to purchase a DSD Upper & Lower, DSD Upper or DSD Lower before we can do the Perio Analysis. The Perio Analysis is included in the DSD Interdisciplinary product, so it does not need to be ordered separately with this option.