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DSD Temps Manufacture


The design and manufacture of a temporary crown over tooth or implant, copied from the DSD Ideal Design. It can be printed or milled depending on the case.

A DSD Implant Abutment might also be needed for crowns over implants. This will be confirmed and communicated by the team when needed on a case-by-case basis. It's crucial that you provide a prep scan and a scan of the implants with scan bodies for us to be able to design the temps.

This product is ideal when a case requires longer-term provisionals before delivering the final restorations straightaway.

05 business days + Shipping (DSD Clinics) / 08 business days + Shipping (DSD Members)

IMPORTANT: It’s mandatory to APPROVE the design of this product with DSD Planning Center so we can move forward with the manufacture.

Models and Dies: FormLabs Model resin.


STL file of the Design

  • An .STL design file of the DSD Temps

  • The Manufactured temps printed or milled by the DSD Lab.

Yes. For us to design and manufacture the Temps, you'll need to have added to the case a main design product: either DSD Upper & Lower, DSD Upper, DSD Lower, DSD & Invisalign+TPS, DSD & Invisalign, DSD Ortho Planning or DSD Interdisciplinary.