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Motivational Mockup Manufacture


The STL printed of the ideal design adapted to show the final result over the actual situation of the patient to motivate the patient to accept the treatment plan.

Perfect to save yourself time for the Emotional Presentation, after you receive the Ideal Smile Design with the DSD Upper or DSD Upper&Lower.

03 business days + Shipping (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days + Shipping (DSD Members)

Printed Model: FormLabs Model resin

Silicone index: Zhermack Silicone

Printed model of the Motivational Mockup and Motivational Mockup Silicone Key, ready to use for the smile test drive, as part of the Second Appointment. It is designed according to the DSD Ideal Design.

Yes, you'll need to purchase a DSD Upper & Lower or a DSD Upper in order to have the Ideal Smile Design first.