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DSD Member

You can reach this DSD Community Level by simply attending one of the DSD Concept Hands-on courses offered globally, like the DSD Residency Module 1: Smile Design Hands-on & Emotional Dentistry or any official DSD Instructor Courses. It certifies that the dental professional has a basic understanding of the DSD Methodology

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What benefits do I get?

  • You get your DSD Member Certificate;

  • You get access to our Private Facebook Group;

  • You will get access to exclusive promotions and discounts on other DSD Products and Services.

How can I become a member of DSD Team member?

  • Complete the DSD Residency Module 1 with Christian Coachman or an official DSD Smile Design Hands-on by one of the DSD Instructors..

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DSD Master

This DSD Community Level certified that you successfully apply and master the DSD Concept to your patients. A faculty committee is awarding this accreditation.

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What benefits do I get?

  • You get your DSD Master Certificate and Logo, which you can use in your own Lectures;

  • You are included in our Website;

  • You get a 10% Discount in DSD Planning Center Services and NemoDSD Software;

  • You get a 20% Discount in other DSD Courses;

  • You get access to our Private Facebook Group.

How to become a DSD MASTER ®?

  • You need to be a DSD Member;

  • You need to present full documentation of 3 finalized clinical cases in which you have applied the DSD concept;

  • At least 1 of the cases need to be done using DSD Planning Center planning services. These cases will be reviewed by the DSD Faculty and feedback will be given if requirements are not met;

    • The 3 cases need to follow the requirements below (You have 6 months to pass this examination):

      • Quality of photo and video documentation;
      • 2D design (DSD step-by-step) with the final 2D project on the 3 views of DSD (frontal, occlusal and 12 o’clock);
      • Precision between DSD and wax-up (conventional wax-up or digital wax-up on CAD/CAM);
      • Quality of mock-up and facial integration (facial portraits with mock-up);
      • Quality of Emotional/Motivational portraits and video with mock-up for the slide presentation for the patient;
      • Treatment plan according to smile design project. A summery of the treatment plan should be written on the slide;
      • Quality of clinical step involved on the case (e.g. Tooth Prep, Impression, provisional, perio surgery, Implant placement, cementation, occlusal adjustment);
      • Final outcome and final restorations;
      • Quality of slide presentation in general (layout);
      • The documentation of the finalized cases (photos and videos) must be the same as the pre-op one so we can compare the final outcome in all DSD views (frontal, occlusal and 12 o’clock).
    • The sequence of slides should show

      • Patient intro;
      • Pre op photo/video documentation;
      • Patient documentation (x-rays, questionnaire, panoramic, perio chart, etc..);
      • DSD sequence (the 8 steps of the Smile Design));
      • The final Smile Design Frame on the 3 views (frontal, occlusal, 12 o’clock);
      • The wax up quality control;
      • Slides to present the mock up to the patient;
      • The treatment plan presentation;
      • Slides showing the main clinical steps;
      • Final outcome. Besides intra oral photos of final outcome, all 4 DSD angles should be shown on portrait photos as well (frontal, occlusal, profile and 12 o’clock). The same video protocol done on the pre op documentation should be repeated on the final situation.
    • You need to pay the Accreditation Fee

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DSD Clinic

The DSD clinics form an exclusive group of Top Clinics from all over the world that share their passion for Dentistry, Esthetics and Technology in their pursue for Excellence through the DSD Concept based on two ideas: EMOTIONAL DENTISTRY & TECHNOLOGY. This accreditation certifies that the Clinic has successfully established the complete DSD workflow and that your staff is following the DSD guidelines.


Now, you can take advantage with all the benefits of being a DSD Clinic.

We analyze the current situation of your clinic and suggest areas of improvement to effectively implement the DSD Standards and Protocols.

We know the fundamentals that should be implemented for its maximum performance.

We measure the most important items to manage development, optimization and cost effectiveness of the clinic.

We offer you the conclusions.

We help you to optimize processes and results.


A unique Digital Treatment Planning & Design Center at your disposal.

You have exclusive Full Access to the DSD Planning Center services.

Unique Digital Treatment modalities: DSD 2D & 3D, Mockup, Guided Surgery and Restorations.

Implement DSD protocol in the easiest and fastest way.

An interdisciplinary team of dentist, implantologists and orthodontists, experts in Digital Smile Design.


The best tools to plan digital treatments.

A really easy-to use and intuitive software.

Perform accuracy and security treatments.

An extraordinary communication tool with your patients.


Use tools that help you in the daily practice.

Reduce costs and time.

Improve the performance of your clinic.

Use the most intelligent products.

Optimize processes and results.

Add value to your patients.

More patients recommended you.

Embrace the State-of-the-art dentisty.


Implement DSD protocol in your clinic.

Get a trained team in DSD protocol.

Get a stand-alone team who implement DSD in your daily work.

Optimize the performance of the clinic with a digitally trained team.

Save time.


Differentiate from the competition.

Strengthens your Brand.

Get Brand and Marketing Strategies.

Get Exclusive Corporate Materials.

We will promote your Clinic through the DSD Website and Media.






Take advantage of our agreements.

Materials and dental equipment major brands.

Great discounts.

How to become a DSD CLINIC ®?
  • One of the Dentists of the Clinic needs to be a DSD Master.
  • You need to pass the DSD Consultancy.
  • You need to pay the Consultancy & Implementation Fees.
Are you interested?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information:

What benefits do I get?

  • You can use the DSD Clinic BRAND;

  • You have exclusive Full Access to the DSD Planning Center services;

  • The Clinic will receive a 20% discount on all DSD Planning Center Services;

  • DSD will give your Clinic Marketing Strategy & Material Support;

  • We will promote your Clinic through the DSD Website and Media;

  • We will advise and support you regarding DSD Technology & Software;

  • You will get the NemoBOX and NemoDSD 2D Software for Free;

  • Your staff will be trained in the DSD Protocols and Workflow;

How to become a DSD CLINIC ®?

  • One of the Dentists of the Clinic needs to be a DSD Master;

  • You need to pass the DSD Consultancy;

  • You need to pay the Consultancy & Implementation Fees.

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DSD Instructor

The DSD Instructors are a group of Dentists who share their deep knowledge of the DSD Concept and passion for teaching and sharing information. They have mastered all the aspects of DSD implementing them in their daily clinical work and have also proven their exceptional communication and educational skills before obtaining the status of DSD Instructor.

Being a DSD Instructor enables you to host official DSD courses, making your students DSD Members. You also get a lot of benefits while using DSD Services and Software, and can make money by introducing other people to the DSD Concept and Implementation Services.

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What benefits do I get?

  • You can organize and teach official DSD Courses, all attendees will become new DSD Members;

  • Your Courses will be promoted through the DSD Website and all our Media;

  • You will be promoted as a DSD Instructor through the DSD Website and our Media;

  • You will receive the DSD Lecture Kit and regular updates;

  • You will make some profit from the services and products the DSD Members you create buy from DSD;

  • You can use the DSD Instructor BRAND and DSD Logo in your Lectures;

  • You will be provided with marketing materials to help you promote your courses;

  • You have exclusive Full Access to the DSD Planning Center Services;

  • You will receive a 20% discount on all DSD Planning Center Services;

  • You can attend any official DSD Course for Free (only food & berverage cost);

  • You will get the NemoDSD Software for Free (will have to pay for maintenance with 30% discount);

  • You will get a commission when your students start using our DSD Services, Courses or Products;

  • Exclusivity: limited number of DSD Instructors per area;

How to become a DSD INSTRUCTOR ®?

  • First we will analyse if the candidate is not from an area that already reached the maximum number of instructors;

  • Be a DSD Master;

  • Do the DSD Residency 1 and 2;

  • Send the CV with emphasis on lecturing experience;

  • Record a 15-20 minute lecture on DSD and send us the video for evaluation;

  • If all the above are approved than the candidate will come as a guest to one of our DSD courses and give a 15-20 minute lecture about how DSD impacted their practice. If approved than will become a DSD Instructor.

Instructor Road

What obligations do I contract?

  • You must sign a collaboration contract with DSD;

  • You will pay DSD €100 for each student validly enrolled in your course;

  • You must enroll at least 50 students per year to retain the status of DSD Instructor;

  • A minimum price for the public must be decided with DSD if another instructor is performing DSD Courses within the same area;

  • You will deal with the course financial directly, not involving DSD;

  • You will assume the totality costs of the courses;

  • You must use and promote the Services of DSD Planning Center and the DSD Software;

  • You must send every promotional material including the DSD or DSD Instructor logos to DSD Marketing for approval;

  • You shall pay the corresponding amount for each course delivered within thirty days of completion of the course. When the aforesaid amount has been paid, DSD shall send the digital certificates to the students that have successfully completed the course.;

  • You shall pay to DSD the amount of €5.000 corresponding to 50 students who have attended your course in the year;

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DSD Instructors

  • Dr. Adrian Granella

    Dr. Adrian Granella

    Mendoza, Argentina
  • Dr. Brian O’Neill

    Dr. Brian O’Neill

    Toledo, USA
  • Dr. Cansın Özgür

    Dr. Cansın Özgür

    İstanbul, Turkey
  • Dr. Felipe Miguel Saliba

    Dr. Felipe Miguel Saliba

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dr. Mateus Voigt

    Dr. Mateus Voigt

    Recife, Brazil
  • Dr. Rafael de Liz Pocztaruk

    Dr. Rafael de Liz Pocztaruk

    Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Dr. Fabio Dantas

    Dr. Fabio Dantas

    Barra da Tijuca, RJ, Brazil
  • Dr. Luís Fernando de Mello Sant’Ana

    Dr. Luís Fernando de Mello Sant’Ana

    Americana, SP, Brazil
  • Dr. Christos Markopoulos

    Dr. Christos Markopoulos

    Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Dr. Emerson Finholdt

    Dr. Emerson Finholdt

    Taguatinga, DF, Brazil
  • Dr. Bartosz Cerkaski

    Dr. Bartosz Cerkaski

    Lubon, Poland
  • Dr. Sérgio Saraiva

    Dr. Sérgio Saraiva

    Sobral, CE, Brazil
  • Dr. Jameel Gardee

    Dr. Jameel Gardee

    Glasgow, Scotland
  • Dr. Mahmood Ezzat

    Dr. Mahmood Ezzat

    Cairo, Egypt
  • Dr. Elaine Haley

    Dr. Elaine Haley

    Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Dr. Mark Bowes

    Dr. Mark Bowes

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dr. Christopher Orr

    Dr. Christopher Orr

    London, UK
  • Dr. Renaud Noharet

    Dr. Renaud Noharet

    Lyon, France
  • Dr. Mario Imburgia

    Dr. Mario Imburgia

    Palermo, Italy
  • Dr. Andrea Shepperson

    Dr. Andrea Shepperson

    Auckland, New Zeeland
  • Dr. Fadi Yassmin

    Dr. Fadi Yassmin

    Sydney, Australia
  • Dr. Kamsiah G Haider

    Dr. Kamsiah G Haider

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Dr. John Heimke

    Dr. John Heimke

    Rocky River, OH, USA
  • Dr. Amira al Haudy

    Dr. Amira al Haudy

    Casablanca, Morocco
  • Dr. Michalis Zenonos

    Dr. Michalis Zenonos

    Limassol, Cyprus
  • Dr. Ricardo Bertholdi

    Dr. Ricardo Bertholdi

    Vitoria, Brasil
  • Dr. Marie Clement

    Dr. Marie Clement

    Lyon, France
  • CDT Lars Hansson

    CDT Lars Hansson

    Chesapeake, VA, USA
  • Dr. Somkiat  Aimplee

    Dr. Somkiat Aimplee

    Bangkok, Thailand

The DSD Certified LAB's form an exclusive Network of high-tech Dental Labs that own the Digital Technology and are experts with the Know-How needed to manufacture the DSD Products that Dentists use to perform all treatments based on the DSD Concept, mainly the DSD Mock-up and Surgical Guides. This accreditation level certifies that your lab was tested and is able to fully sell the DSD Planning Center Products.

What benefits do I get?

  • You have the support of the DSD Lab Team;

  • You are promoted as an official DSD Certified LAB on our Website;

  • All DSD Planning Center customers in your region will be sent to you for manufacture.;

  • You will make some profit by selling the DSD Planning Center planning services to your customers;

  • You can use the DSD Certified LAB Logo for commercial purposes;

  • You have exclusive Full Access to the DSD Planning Center services;

  • You will receive a discount (10%-30% depending on volume) on all DSD Planning Center Services;

  • You will get a 30% Discount on other official DSD Courses;

  • Exclusivity: limited number of DSD Certified LABs per area.

How to become a DSD Certified Lab?

  • One staff members needs to be a DSD Master;

  • You must demonstrate Technological & Technical Suitability;

  • You must pass the application process by sending back to us for analysis the printed and milled test cases that we will send you.

Want more info? Contact
  • +34 647 414 649
  • Digital Smile Design Consultoria Odontológica Ltda.
    Rua Bento de Andrade, 116, sala 1, 04503-000, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
  • +55 11 97494-1524
  • Digital Smile Design in USA
    10520 NW 26th Street, suite C201 Doral, FL 33172
  • - Rest of the world
  • - Brasil

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