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12 Weekly Classes Streamed Live

Residency 1 Livestream March 2021

Location: ONLINE

Language: English

Dates: 17 Mar 2021 - 1 Jun 2021

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  • 16 live online classes over 12 weeks with Christian Coachman
  • Live-streamed content direct to wherever you are
  • On-demand session replays and extra bonus course materials
  • Interactive Q&A with Christian Coachman and speakers during classes...
  • The opportunity to train your team alongside you
  • Live hands-on demo sessions by the DSD team
  • Access to our private social network, Evolving Clinician
12 Weekly Classes Streamed LiveResidency 1 Livestream March 2021
Residency 1 LiveEmpowering forward-thinking dentists to modernise their dentistry

Helps You Improve Case Acceptance

Improve the quality of care you can provide

Gives You More Confidence In Mastering Digital Dentistry

Makes It Easy To Increase Perceived Value For Your Treatments

Gives You Access To Refined Digital Workflows

Avoid Investing In Unnecessary Equipment

The Real SECRET To Forming Better Patient Relationships

Effortlessly Transition Into More Efficient Methods And Workflows

Quickly Adopt Digital Dentistry Concepts

Escape Day To Day General Dentistry

STOP Worrying About Having To Work All The Time

Improves Diagnosis, Decision Making Process and Treatment Planning through digital solutions.

Are you a:
  • Dentist who wants to improve case acceptance, master communication and improve quality of comprehensive care you give?
  • Technician who would like to improve communication with the dentist, create efficient workflows and predictable and beautiful final outcomes?
  • Specialist who is interested in becoming more comprehensive?
  • Student who wants to explore modern digital dentistry concepts?
  • Staff member who would like to empower your position and get more involved in building patient relationships?

Then DSD Residency 1 Livestream is for you!

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A new format - What makes it so special?

The new online format of the DSD Residency X course is living proof that the dental profession is a thriving and evolving discipline – and that staying up to date requires constant dedication.

In this new version of DSD Residency X you will find:

  • Updated content - new slides, new cases, new technology
  • A more digestible format
  • Latest industry updates
  • Business strategies for the “new normal” that will keep you thriving
DSD Residency 1 Livestream
16 live sessions over 12 weeks
Numbers R1 LIVE 01Why DSD?

What is DSD? My Smile Designer Journey The Challenges of Modern Dentistry

Numbers R1 LIVE 02Why Digital?

The Business Impact The Dental Impact

Numbers R1 LIVE 03The New Digital Way

The Old & the New Taking full advantage of your Intra Oral Scanner

Numbers R1 LIVE 04Modern Digital Workflow

The DSD Timeline The Complete Digital Workflow in 6 steps

Numbers R1 LIVE 051st Appointment Dynamics

The Steps & Strategies Virtual Consultation and Remote Care Patient Digitalization Demo Creating a patient on the DSD Planning Center Website Ordering a DSD Solution

Numbers R1 LIVE 06Smile Design & Modern Orofacial Principles

Integrating Esthetics & Function The Smile Frame

Numbers R1 LIVE 07DSDApp Smile Simulation Demo

DSDApp Smile Simulation Demo

Numbers R1 LIVE 08Interconsultation Dynamics

The CORE of DSD The DSD Planning Center (special guest: Dr Francis Coachman)

Numbers R1 LIVE 09Building the Emotional Presentation Demo

Building the Emotional Presentation Demo

Numbers R1 LIVE 10Emotional Dentistry & The 2nd Appointment Dynamics

The Emotional Game The DSD Room The DSD Motivational Mock-up & The Smile Test Drive Experience

Numbers R1 LIVE 112nd Appointment Dynamics & Motivational Mock-up Demo

2nd Appointment Dynamics & Motivational Mock-up Demo

Numbers R1 LIVE 12DSD Clinical Solutions Part 1 - Perio/Implants, Double Crown Lengthening Guide & Clic Guide

Intro to DSD Clinical Solutions The Perio Solutions

Numbers R1 LIVE 13DSD Clinical Solutions Part 2 - DSD & Aligners

The importance of moving teeth in comprehensive dentistry The DSD Planning Center Ortho Solutions Increasing Invisalign Acceptance based on the Patient Profile Why DSD & Invisalign DSD-Invisalign Workflow Step by Step DSD-TPS (ClinCheck Treatment Planning Service) and DSD Case Evaluation

Numbers R1 LIVE 14DSD Clinical Solutions Part 3 - DSD & Function

Treating Worn Dentition powered by Digital Bite Lift in 6 steps

Numbers R1 LIVE 15DSD Clinical Solutions Part 4 - Restorative, DSD Direct & Natural Restorations

DSD Direct Composite DSD Natural Restorations Guided Tooth Preparation

Numbers R1 LIVE 16DSD Implementation

The next 5 steps for DSD Implementation The DSD Journey The Mastership & the DSD Consultancy The DSD Clinic Project

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