DSD Residency 1 On Demand

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DSD Residency 1 On Demand

Get the full DSD Residency 1 program online and on demand, with subtitles in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese!


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DSD Residency 1 is the first and only dentistry course in the world that uncovers proven strategies on how to attract the right patients and diagnose, educate, motivate and convert them to ethically increase your case acceptance rates.

Learn how to become a comprehensive clinician and leverage the latest dentistry technologies for predictable outcomes.

Connect the dots of a fully digital workflow that spans different equipment and start to REALLY use the technology you have to deliver natural smiles consistently.

Discover how to attract and fascinate the best-fit clients for your clinic with higher spending power and who understand the value of your dentistry and solutions.

Implement better communication and treatment planning systems to make better decisions for your patients.

Learn about the importance of training and empowering your staff to deliver the best patient care and curate a team that is aligned with your vision.

Feel greater contentment and enjoyment in your daily work by discovering a new trajectory for your career that is more fulfilling, less stressful and with a happier team and patients.




This purely digital approach...was the most inspiring thing.

As a technology enthusiast I have to say that this purely digital approach, the implementation of new technical possibilities in a workflow that works and leads to a predictable result, that was the most inspiring thing about this course for me.

Dr Thomas Fiege
DSD Clinic co-owner, Germany
COURSE RESIDENCY 1 Dr Alexandra Germain

The earlier, the better.

I feel I should have taken this course ten years ago because it would have made everything much more simple. So this is why I would recommend it to any dentist. The earlier, the better.

Dr Alexandra Germain
Clinic owner, United Kingdom

📖 Explore the course program

Why DSD & the smile business disruption | The main challenges of modern dentistry | Why digital

The DSD experience & moments | The modern digital workflow

The exceptional 1st appointment | Exploring your intraoral scanner (IOS) fully

Smile design and treatment planning powered by digital

Storytelling and branding | 2nd appointment dynamics & the smile test drive experience

The Motivational Mock-up & the Emotional Presentation with demo

The new digital way, guided dentistry & the digital lab | Exploring 3D printers

DSD Clinical Solutions: Ortho/perio/restorative

Becoming a digital clinic | The DSD journey, implementation & next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

After 8 years of delivering the program to over 2,600 attendees around the world, the program will be concluding in 2023.

It’s the end of an era, but there are exciting things coming in 2024!

Yes! We're pleased to be able to offer subtitles in: English, Spanish, German, French Italian & Portuguese!

The course is delivered in English.

The on demand, online format is ideal for those who wish to take the DSD Residency 1 program in their own time, at their own pace.

It consists of nine video classes, each 2+ hours – so a total of over 22 hours of learning!

Yes, you can earn 22 CE Credits for taking the DSD Residency 1 On Demand program. You'll need to complete an online assessment based on the course content and fill in a course evaluation survey to qualify for credits.

Worth over $200, you’ll receive templates, guides and articles included in the price to aid your learning.

The course will be accessible from your digitalsmiledesign.com account. So you’ll just need a login for our website and that’s it!

The dental professionals who will benefit the most from this course are:

  • Associates who want to increase their importance and become a partner/owner
  • Clinic owners who want to grow their comprehensive digital practice
  • Busy dentists who want to work less and make more
  • Those on the exit path who want to increase their business valuation
  • Students who are starting out in their career

No. The DSD App and DSD Hands On App are no longer in use. However, DSD is much more than these apps!

By attending DSD Residency 1, you’ll not only learn the principles of smile design, but you’ll also discover the proven strategies to finding greater fulfillment in your dental career and daily work – which is worth much more than any app…

No. The DSD Planning Center is closed exclusively to our DSD Clinics and those enrolled on the DSD Mastership. However, you will have the option to explore these pathways after attending DSD Residency 1.

The reason for this is because we want to provide the highest standard of service and products for our clients who choose the exclusive pathway.

DSD Residency 1 is the ideal first step in the DSD pathway. However, there isn’t a specific sequence of DSD Courses that you need to follow (with the exception of DSD Residency 2, which needs to be taken after Residency 1).

Our courses are independent of each other – the order in which you take them is entirely up to you. Should you wish to discuss these options with one of our team members, you can schedule a call with one of our advisers who can help you to make an informed decision.

There are a number of pathways for you to explore after attending this course, with many alumni opting to attend DSD Residency 2 or one of a range of DSD courses.

There’s also our DSD Mastership program for those who want to master DSD's workflows on their patients with a 12-month clinical mentoring by the DSD clinical team.

And the DSD Clinic pathway for those who want to skyrocket their Comprehensive Dentistry skills and business with our exclusive services.

Should you wish to discuss these options with one of our team members, you can schedule a call with one of our advisers who can help you to make an informed decision.