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Planning Center

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What is the DSD Planning Center?

The DSD Planning Center helps you to implement DSD more quickly, easily and efficiently.

You send us your patient records and our expert team works with you to produce the ideal smile design project and integrate this project into the interdisciplinary clinical procedures. We take a holistic view of the patient and their smile.

We cover all specialties including Esthetics, Perio, Implantology, Orthodontics, and Prosthodontics to ensure the full interdisciplinary approach for every case we plan. Using the most advanced software and our own protocols and quality control system, we make sure that all our clients enjoy the benefits of digital interdisciplinary dentistry.


Our main focus is to provide an interdisciplinary planning service using only digital data. What we want is to help the dentist to have a better and more complete view of the treatment to be able to communicate this to the patient in a much more efficient way

Take a virtual tourof the DSD Planning Center

Dr Francis Coachman walks you through the DSD Planning Center in Madrid to give an overview of the world-class treatment planning process and quality control.

Scott Greenhalgh DDS

Excellent with ALL things digital, and WELL-integrated digital workflows. The designs you create are an invaluable treatment planning tool. I plan BETTER treatment plans and have useful tools to share with my patient in their decision making. They are impressed because they've never seen anything like this before. Thanks!

— Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

Dr Fadi Yassmin

there is no other service that comes close in this space

— Dr Fadi Yasmin

Joan Werleman

High level of customer service, quality and prompt response. Very knowledgeable

— Dr Joan Werleman

Chris sholota

State-of-the-art digital design center. Turn around time is very good. I have sent two more doctors to the Residency program. Once they go they will be energized totally.

— Dr Chris Sholota


I work with the planning center on a daily basis and find the experience to be professional and organised.

— Russel Young

João Mouzinho

It is an amazing service that improves my planning and all my work!! I love the cases we are doing together :)

— João Mouzinho

Blank Team Member DSD M

There is no other system out there that can deliver such precise products and at an interdisciplinary level

— Marvin van der Linde

The Process

How you work with the Planning Center
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  1. Get support from our expert team - Our interdisciplinary team of smile design experts work together to design optimal smile designs using the best in dental technology.
  2. Make your process more efficient - You take the patient scans, photos, and videos, we will plan your cases for you. We do the planning, you concentrate on delivering the results.
  3. Improve patient communication - We give you all the files you need to explain the smile design to your patient. Our motivational and ideal designs are a visual way to help them understand the effect of treatment.
Dr Tatiana Coachman's 3 tips to get the most from the DSD Planning Center



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