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The easiest approach to moving and restoring teeth in simple cases

What if we told you there was a way to present dental treatments you’re already offering to patients in a new way that will skyrocket case acceptance and your profit? No dentist ever feels comfortable doing the ‘heavy sell’ for esthetic treatments. So let’s keep it Lite.

Lite Dentistry is an easy, quick and cost-effective restorative esthetic solution that practitioners can implement speedily and efficiently into their daily practice. Simply put, it brings together two straightforward procedures, Invisalign® treatment and direct composite bonding, and markets them in one potent package.

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Lite Dentistry removes the barriers that esthetic dentistry is expensive, painful, complex and time-consuming

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    Beyond understanding the Lite Dentistry concept, you will learn the DSD Direct technique.

    A technique that drastically facilitates the process of doing direct composites powered by technology and the smile donator concept. This will allow any dentist to deliver beautiful smile makeovers without needing lots of experience or hand skills. It streamlines the process of direct composites, which is the second part of Lite Dentistry.

    Lite Dentistry is Easy Aligner plus easy DSD Direct composite. The course will explain both in general.

    The DSD Lite Dentistry course is open to all dentists, esthetic specialists and student dentists, regardless of experience in Digital Smile Design. Through a series of lectures, hands-on exercises and demonstrations, participants will discover why DSD Lite Dentistry is the perfect treatment offering for their patients, as well as:

    1. How to perform the DSD Direct composite bonding technique
    2. Learn how to become an Invisalign provider and the benefits of Invisalign
    3. How to identify patients who are suitable candidates for this treatment and how to promote and sell Lite Dentistry to your patients
    4. How the DSDApp integrates with DSD Direct and motivates patients to invest in treatments

    All participants will perform the DSD Direct technique in a model and will get all training and info to immediately start doing DSD direct after the course.

    1. Do you want to offer your patients a low-cost, fast restorative esthetic service that will earn you more money?
    2. Do you want to learn how to perform minimally invasive restorative esthetic procedures with predictable results?
    3. Are you looking for a way to market Invisalign and composite bonding solutions effectively?
    4. Are you looking for a hands-on training course where you will be able to practice the technique there and then?

    The DSD Lite Dentistry course is for anyone who wants to improve their esthetic restoration service offerings and share the message with their patients that restoration work doesn’t have to be expensive or painful.


    This course is a fantastic training experience for all dentists, esthetic specialists and student dentists.

    This course is perfect for any practitioner wanting to learn more about simple and fast esthetic procedures, using minimally invasive and reversible techniques.

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    DSD Lite Dentistry Course

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