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DSD Anterior Deprogrammer Manufacture

This Manufacture product requires a DSD Anterior Deprogrammer Design. Make sure you have added it to the case.


The manufactured DSD Anterior Deprogrammer with palatine support can be used for CR registration and bite lift. The Deprogrammer is designed according to the VDO determined by the DSD Ideal Design.

Add this product if you wish for DSD Lab to manufacture the Anterior Deprogrammer from the Anterior Deprogrammer Design product.

03 business days + Shipping (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days + Shipping (DSD Members)

IMPORTANT: It’s mandatory to APPROVE the design of this product with DSD Planning Center so we can move forward with the manufacture.

FormLabs Surgical Guide resin.

The manufactured DSD Anterior Deprogrammer printed product that we create from the .STL file of the DSD Anterior Deprogrammer Design.

Yes. We need the DSD Anterior Deprogrammer design to manufacture the DSD Deprogrammer.

And for the DSD Anterior Deprogrammer Design, you'll need to have added to the case a main design product: either the DSD Upper & Lower, DSD Upper, DSD Lower, DSD & Invisalign+TPS, DSD & Invisalign, DSD Ortho Planning or DSD Interdisciplinary.