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The DSD Upper & Lower product includes a digital smile wax up of both the upper and lower arch, which is designed from our team’s facially-driven analysis of the patient.

The DSD Ideal Smile Designs take into account the VDO, and modifications will be recommended if necessary.

The designs can then be used to order and manufacture additional clinical products and for delivery of the DSD Motivational Mock-up.

This is a main design product, and the base start of a DSD treatment for the Upper & Lower arches. The DSD Upper & Lower design considers all disciplines when evaluating the patient and delivers a DSD with the findings and treatment plan suggestions in order to restore the patient’s complete oral health, in terms of aesthetics, biology and function.

03 business days (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days (DSD Members)

This is a digital product, delivered in PPT and STL format.

  • DSD Report with the findings and 2D simulations of the ideal smile using the patient’s facial photos.

  • STL of the Ideal Pre: the actual situation overlapped with the ideal smile design of the patient.

  • STL of the Ideal Post: the Ideal Smile Design, or Ideal wax up.

  • STL of the Motivational Mockup: The Ideal Smile Design placed buccaly in the actual situation. This is the STL you will use for the smile test drive, to help the patient to visualize and better understand the treatment plan. The STL of the Mockup is for the Upper arch only.

  • It also includes the simulation for ideal soft tissue contour if needed.