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DSD Ideal Pre Manufacture

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It’s the silicone index built from the Ideal Pre Model, which is the Ideal Smile Design overlapped with the original situation of the patient (untouched/unprepped model).

Order this product when you want to use the Ideal Smile Design as a reference for the preps. DSD recommends that you place the Ideal Pre Silicone Index in the patient’s mouth and apply Bysacril. The areas that are uncovered by the resin would then be the subtractive areas that should be removed/reduced/prepped.You can also reference check with the Ideal Post Manufacture, to make sure the reduction is enough.

For a more accurate performance, we suggest you order the DSD Prep Guides Design.

IMPORTANT: Please note that in case your are planning to restore with Ceramics (Cerec-Lithium Disilicate-Zirconia), you would not only reduce the subtractive areas, but perform the conventional prepping process, thus achieving enough clearance for the restorative material. The ideal Pre Treatment would only be a reference to guide your preps and to remove the areas that go beyond the Ideal Smile Design.

03 business days + Shipping (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days + Shipping (DSD Members)

IMPORTANT: It’s mandatory to APPROVE the design of this product (from theDSD Upper & Lower, DSD Upper, DSD Lower or DSD Interdisciplinary) with DSD Planning Center so we can move forward with the manufacture.

Printed Model: FormLabs Model resin

Silicone index: Zhermack Silicone

  • Printed model of the Ideal Pre Smile Design
  • Ideal Pre Smile Design Silicone Key

Yes, you'll need to have added to the case a main design product: either the DSD Upper & Lower, DSD Upper, DSD Lower or DSD Interdisciplinary.