Natural Restoration Simple (NR-S)
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Natural Restoration Simple (NR-S)

Milled monolithic restorations ready for immediate try in and cementation, including DESIGN and MANUFACTURE.

If this is your first DSD Natural Restorations case, or you have doubts about the file protocol, we highly recommend you schedule a call with our Lab Specialist through your concierge so that the case runs smoothly.

Download the DSD Natural Restorations clinical protocol guides here:

We can also design and manufacture a set of reduction and prep quality control guides, guided by the Ideal Design, to be used for the DSD Natural Restorations if you so wish. Just select the products in our store page and add them to your basket.


Natural Restoration Simple are milled monolithic restorations (crowns or veneers) designed for straightforward cases without requiring an initial DSD Ideal Design. These restorations are manufactured to be ready for immediate try-in and cementation.

This product is ideal for:

  1. Quadrant Dentistry: Suitable for posterior teeth while keeping the existing bite.
  2. Mirroring Contra-Lateral Teeth: Perfect for uni-lateral anteriors (central, lateral, and canine) when keeping the existing bite, with contra-lateral anteriors having the ideal morphology to be mirrored.
  3. Existing Provisional is Solving All Aspects: When the existing provisional meets all functional, bite, structural, and aesthetic requirements, allowing for an unlimited number of restorations from single to full mouth by copying from the provisional.

IMPORTANT: If a case does not meet any of these criteria, it should be redirected to the regular Planning Centre workflow.

    • 12 business days + Shipping for DSD Clinics
    • 15 business days + Shipping for DSD Providers

IMPORTANT: It’s mandatory to APPROVE the design of this product with DSD Planning Center so we can move forward with the manufacture.

  • Models and Dies: FormLabs Model resin
  • NR: Lithium Disilicate or Zirconia
    • An .STL file of the NR-S Design
    • The manufactured milled product (veneers and/or crowns)

Note: For optimal results, it is recommended to consult with our Lab Specialist if you have any doubts about the file protocol. Schedule a call through your concierge for a smooth case processing.