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Smile design, digital dentistry and emotional patient experience

DSD Residency X


3-day program

In this course, Luken de Arbeloa and his team will present DSD’s (Digital Smile Design) concepts and explain in detail how they can help you grow your business.

DSD aims to present a new vision of dentistry to the world, making it more human, emotional and artistic, while being more efficient and precise through the use of digital technology.

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We have designed the DSD Residency X course to help you implement DSD concepts in your clinic.


  1. Develop the Smile Design process, allowing the patient to become a co-designer of their new smile
  2. Develop a communication protocol that facilitates real and daily interdisciplinary dentistry
  3. Increase the perceived value of each dental treatment through emotional dentistry, and consequently the rate of case acceptance
  4. Integrate technology to generate efficient and predictable clinical procedures
  5. Become an OroFacial expert through dynamic facial analysis and global diagnosis in harmony with the whole face
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The objective of the course is to empower participants with enough information and energy to allow them to change and improve their practice from the day after the course ends

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8 - 10 October 2020