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In my Lite Dentistry Masterclass, I’ll reveal the simplest way to deliver more natural-looking, affordable smile makeovers using digitally-powered clinical techniques AND explain how to package this integrated solution in your clinic in a more attractive, case-converting way.


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Frequently Asked QuestionsGENERAL

WatchDSD is Digital Smile Design’s premium online video content platform. It provides dental professionals – from clinic owners to team members – an in-depth online learning experience focused on DSD’s modern smile design techniques and theories.

DSDWATCH ICONS2What does a WatchDSD All Access Pass include?

A WatchDSD All Access Pass includes unlimited access to all the premium video content found inside WatchDSD. There will be new content added on a monthly basis – including a number of special clinical masterclasses recorded with Christian Coachman.

DSDWATCH ICONS2Where can I access WatchDSD?

WatchDSD can be accessed from your phone, laptop, tablet, TV, games console – well just about any electronic device with access to the internet.

DSDWATCH ICONS2Is WatchDSD the right platform for me?

Dental professionals love WatchDSD because it provides a range of clinical and theoretical video content that applies to all areas of clinic life. The video content inside the WatchDSD platform is ideal for all dental professionals, including: General dentists Specialists Clinic owners Clinic managers Technicians Team members Dental marketing personnel

Pricing & Payment
DSDWATCH ICONS2How much does WatchDSD cost?

A 12-month subscription to WatchDSD costs €9.33/week*. That’s roughly the cost of two large coffees from a well-known coffee shop! This is billed annually in a one-off payment of €485.

DSDWATCH ICONS2How long does a WatchDSD subscription last?

Currently we’re offering our customers a 12-month subscription. During the 12 months, you’ll get unlimited access to all the premium content available in WatchDSD, including newly added content on a monthly basis.

DSDWATCH ICONS2What’s the difference between WatchDSD and DSD Online Education?

WatchDSD is a dedicated video platform like other online streaming platforms you may be familiar with. The Residency 1 program content from courses 1-4 and the clinical certification modules are the same as found in DSD Online Education. However there’s lot of new DSD content to be found in WatchDSD! NOTE: DSD Online Education is no longer available to purchase and is being replaced by WatchDSD. When it’s time to renew your DSD Online Education subscription, you’ll be given access to WatchDSD.

DSDWATCH ICONS2How do I subscribe?

Subscribing to WatchDSD couldn’t be simpler! Just head to the subscription page here, enter your contact details and you’ll receive automatic payment confirmation and information on how to access your subscription.

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