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22 to 24 October 2020

Residency 1 Madrid, October 2020 (3-day course)

Location: Calle Enrique Granados, 6, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

Language: English

Dates: 22 Oct 2020 - 24 Oct 2020

Disruptive Strategies, Storytelling & DSD Updates
Smile Design, Digital Dentistry & Patient Experience
3-day program with Christian Coachman & Team

Cancellation policy

  • Access world class lectures and presenters
  • Participate in hands-on exercises
  • Observe live patient demonstrations
  • Share with like-minded clinicians
  • Learn to excel in patient communication
  • Discover how software can revolutionise your clinic
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22 to 24 October 2020Residency 1 Madrid, October 2020 (3-day course)
Residency 1 Program

To truly understand the difference the DSD Residency 1 can make to your career, practice and future, watch this short video...

  • Dentists
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • Students – special!
  • Staff members such as nurses, assistants, marketing technicians, treatment coordinators


Our world renowned program is delivered by DSD Founder and CEO, Dr Christian Coachman and his team, who will introduce you to the concept of Digital Smile Design.

  • A combination of lectures, hands-on exercises and a live patient demo so you can truly grasp the power of emotional dentistry
  • Understanding how you can use DSD to develop a communication protocol that will enable an interdisciplinary approach to your every-day dentistry
  • Learning how to make the smile design process a potentially life changing experience for every patient, as they become the co-designer of their new smile
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Christian Coachman
Christian CoachmanCEO & Founder

Carmen Caballero
Carmen CaballeroAcademics & Community Coordinator EMEA

Francis Coachman
Francis CoachmanPlanning Center & Lab Operations Manager

Tatiana Coachman
Tatiana CoachmanClinical Excellence Manager

Luken De Arbeloa
Luken De ArbeloaEducation Strategy Director

Juan J. Gomez
Juan J. GomezSales & Business Development Manager Americas

Ralph Georg
Ralph GeorgDSD App CEO & Co-Founder

Lindiane Rigo
Lindiane RigoAcademics & Community Coordinator USA

Brendon Macdonald
Brendon MacdonaldCorporate Marketing Manager

R1 3 Days program

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