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RESIDENCY ALIGNERS Aligners Challenges

DSD Aligners is your solution

Gain a greater understanding of aligner treatment, learn about the additional tools that can improve outcomes and overcome the limits of aligners, and create a successful aligners business in your clinic.

Learn the protocols of the DSD ortho team, an official Invisalign Treatment Planning Service (TPS).

Acquire the tips, hacks and success tactics to master aligners treatment and Invisalign ClinCheck.

Use specialist tools to empower your diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical performance.

Make better decisions and deliver the ideal results for patients in a faster and more predictable way.

Improve your Invisalign marketing, patient experience, increase case acceptance, referrals and income.

This course is designed to propel your success with aligners

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Reserve your seat and join us at an upcoming course for biweekly classes and networking between sessions on our community platform.


Assimilate the wealth of knowledge and resources that are shared at this course in their engaging livestream format.


Enjoy the results of implementing the proven systems for success with aligner treatment in your own clinic.



Dr Jeanette Garner Testimonial Image headshot

The three most valuable things for me about this course...

The three most valuable things for me about this course have been: gaining confidence in what you can do with aligners, very detailed guidelines and connecting with other dentists who use Invisalign.

Dr Jeanette Garner
Humlebæk, Denmark

Really well catered to all levels of Invisalign dentists...

I would really recommend this course to anybody who provides Invisalign treatment - whether you are a new provider or a very experienced provider - because the content of the course was really well catered to all levels of Invisalign dentists.

Dr Victoria Holden
Newbury, UK
Dr Angelo Ionides Testimonial Image headshot

What makes Daniel such an awesome teacher is...

What makes Daniel such an awesome teacher, mentor and collaborator (beyond his depth of knowledge) is the wonderfully inclusive, non-patronising and respectful manner in which he discusses our cases.

Dr Angelo Ionides
Hokitika, New Zealand

Meet our speaker

Daniel Ramos

📖 Course program

  • Digital Orthodontics
  • ClinCheck Complete Overview (3D Controls, Optimized & Conventional Attachments, Staging, Bite-Ramps, Cuts, Power Ridges, Tables, IPRs, Communication with Align and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Clinical Tips and Solutions for Aligners Workflow
  • Treatment planning protocols for Class I, Class II, Class III, open-bite, deep-bite, cross-bite
  • Facially Driven Orthodontics
  • Interdisciplinary Cases with Aligners
  • Improving tracking and predictability
  • Treatment Monitoring
  • Adjunct Therapies for Aligners (skeletal anchorage, accelerated orthodontics, Orthognatic Surgery, MARPE/MSE, Airway)
  • Retention Protocol
  • Getting the best results with your iTero intraoral scanner
  • Meet the speaker: Introduction to the program
  • Why aligners?
  • Facially & airway driven digital orthodontics: new foundations for better diagnosis and treatment planning
  • The modern orthodontist journey: the next steps
  1. Attachments
  2. Staging
  3. Auxiliary biomechanics resources (Cuts, Elastics, Bite Ramps, Table Tops,..)
  4. Taking advantage of software AI
  5. Extra: Live ClinCheck session
  1. First clinical appointment
  2. Treatment monitoring (Dental Monitoring onboarding)
  3. Retention and control
  4. Tracking troubleshooting
  5. Extra: Live ClinCheck session
  1. Clinical cases discussion
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Important topics review (selected by attendees)
  4. Live ClinCheck session
  1. How to improve predictability with aligners
  2. Treating cases with diastema
  3. Treating cases with crowding
  4. Treating cases with open bite
  5. Extra: Live ClinCheck session
  1. Treating cases with deep bite
  2. Treating cases with posterior cross bite
  3. Treating cases with class II
  4. Treating cases with class III
  5. Extra: Live ClinCheck session
  1. Skeletal anchorage and aligners
  2. Biological modulation (Vibration, Micro-osteoperforation and SFOT intro) - Propel onboarding
  3. Treating airway cases with aligners (MARPE and SFOT)
  4. Orthognathic cases with aligners
  5. Extra: Live ClinCheck session
  1. What is DSD & Invisalign
  2. How to incorporate orthodontics in the digital interdisciplinary workflow
  3. The workflow from the design to the final ideal smile
  4. DSD & Invisalign treatment planning demonstration
  1. Clinical cases discussion
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Important topics review (selected by attendees)
  4. Live ClinCheck session

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course isn’t just for orthodontists, but any dentist who wants to improve their know-how with aligners.

We’ll take you through the process step by step: from diagnostics and planning, to creating better treatment plans, to becoming more predictable and accurate with improved outcomes.

You’ll also learn the proven protocols that our ortho team at the DSD Planning Center validates with clients from all over the world.

We believe there’s no other course out there that makes this information available to general dentists who want to work with aligners.

As an experienced orthodontist, this course will help you build on your strong foundation and take your ortho to the next level for patients through even more comprehensive know-how.

You’ll fine-tune systems to better incorporate orthodontic treatment with your team or receive more referrals from an interdisciplinary team.

You know there’s not only one way to treat patients – and this course will teach you the proven protocols used by the DSD ortho team which has performed over 2000 cases over the last two years. You’ll learn new solutions when it comes to diagnostics and how to improve planning by understanding the basics of smile design.

Although we use Invisalign clear aligner treatment, this course is designed to give you tips and protocols for success with any type of system.

  • Digital orthodontics

  • ClinCheck complete overview (3D controls, optimized & conventional attachments, staging, bite-ramps, cuts, power ridges, tables, IPRs, communication with Align and artificial intelligence)

  • Clinical tips and solutions for aligners workflow

  • Treatment planning protocols for class I, class II, class III, open-bite, deep-bite, cross-bite

  • Facially driven orthodontics

  • Interdisciplinary cases with aligners

  • Improving tracking and predictability

  • Treatment monitoring

  • Adjunct therapies for aligners (skeletal anchorage, accelerated orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, MARPE/MSE, airway)

  • Retention protocol

Yes, 22 credits provided by Big Sky Seminars, an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.

This continuing education activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) through joint efforts between Big Sky Seminars and Digital Smile Design.

While the course curriculum does cover Invisalign treatment as a topic, all the protocols shared in the course can be used with any aligner system.

The main outcomes of the course is to

  • empower your teeth straightening diagnosis with treatment planning and clinical performance by understanding digital diagnosis and smile design

  • improve patient experience and increase case acceptance, referrals, and income with teeth straightening treatment

This course serves general practitioners just as much as it does experienced orthodontists, and is ideal for beginners too. As Daniel Ramos explains, “More than ever, new technologies are being launched and the simple truth is, you cannot do your job today with old methods and hope to stay in business.” With the amount of developments that have been introduced to aligner treatment recently means that everyone is a beginner, to some degree. So taking an updated course like this will ensure you have a solid understanding of how to take the best advantage of the new developments.

For the advanced doctor who is confident with Invisalign clear aligner treatment, this course will give them the tools to treat even more cases, improve case acceptance and increase profitability. DSD Aligners provides participants who have more experience the opportunity to advance even further and improve your skills. By learning the DSD proven strategies participants can propel their ortho business into a great business for their clinic.

The DSD Planning Center is the first and still the only comprehensive digital planning service in the world. The service is extremely effective in helping doctors make better planning decisions for their patients. To ensure the quality of the service offered, the DSD Planning Center is run by a high-end team of dentists, specialists, CAD designers and engineers. Due to its complexity and the level of people involved, the DSD Planning Center services are not open to all doctors, but just to the ones that are certified DSD Clinics or in the DSD Mastership program. A certain level of skill is required by doctors in order to make the most of the access to the suite of products.

To become a DSD Planning Center user, you first of all need the basic DSD training that you will receive in the Residency 1 courses (in-person or livestream). After the basic knowledge training, to be able to use the DSD Planning Center you will need to sign up for the DSD Mastership or DSD Clinic certification.

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