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This is easily said and more challenging to do, but I believe that should be our goal; to understand what really makes us happy, completely happy, at peace with ourselves, at peace with our actions, at peace with our thinking process, at peace with our way of dealing with problems and challenges.

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"When we see that everybody is seeking the same thing, and these self-help, motivational, inspirational courses are saying that everybody can achieve that, that´s actually not fair and it´s not true. Because if everybody can achieve something, that thing is not special anymore."

"I think when we go to ask for help in terms of motivation and inspiration, we first have to calibrate within ourselves to establish what true success means."

"Don't create fake expectations and understand that it doesn't matter if you're not Michael Jordan, because even people that are like Michael Jordan, many of them are not happy."

"We can all achieve happiness in our own way by setting realistic goals and working hard to achieve them."