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DSD Direct Design

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DSD Direct Design


The DSD Direct product allows you to deliver the direct composite injectable technique. This Design option includes the design of the initial and final situation models, which are created based on the DSD Ideal Design.

This product is ideal for when you want to deliver a conservative and/or long-term intermediate restoration, which is more cost-effective than porcelain restorations. It is delivered over the existing natural dentition and is non-invasive.

03 business days (DSD Clinics) / 05 business days (DSD Members)

This is a digital product, delivered in STL format.

An .STL file of the DSD Direct stent design that can be used for manufacture, either by DSD Lab or your local lab.

Yes. For us to start the DSD Direct design, you'll need to have added to the case a main design product: either DSD Upper & Lower, DSD Upper, DSD Lower, DSD & Invisalign+TPS, DSD & Invisalign, DSD Ortho Planning or DSD Interdisciplinary.