DSD Mastership Certification
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DSD Mastership Certification

Duration: 12-months

Language: English

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll need to have attended DSD Residency 1 or X before enrolling on the Mastership so you have a basic understanding of DSD clinical and theoretical concepts you’ll put into practice during the Mastership.

When you apply the DSD methodology, the first step in every case is to ‘digitize’ your patient by taking x-rays, intraoral scans, photos and videos. This takes place in the first appointment. After this first appointment, you order the case from the DSD Planning Center and you will work together with them on a personalized treatment plan for your patient.Once the case is submitted, you can begin to create your treatment plan presentation that you will deliver to your patient in their second appointment (together with the Emotional Presentation). After case acceptance, you will have at your disposal all the services and products for guided clinical execution: implant and crown lengthening guides, prep guides, injected composite indexes, temps, final restorations, etc. Our Mastership team will support you throughout the process and you will also have access to the BeDSD platform with extra training content.

Our philosophy is that every case is a DSD Mastership case. We believe this because the Mastership is a period of learning and implementing digital workflows and protocols in dental practices, and that happens via practice and making these new habits routine.

We always recommend to participating doctors that they open as many cases as they want, to practice patient documentation (digitalization) and the emotional presentation. Then, after patient acceptance of the ideal smile design and proposed treatment plan (which increases the more they learn how to deliver a stellar second appointment), you can choose which cases to move forward with the DSD Planning Center and DSD Lab, and the ones that can continue without a digital workflow, or with their own local lab.

There are two requirements for a case to be eligible for Mastership certification:

1- it needs to be a comprehensive case, meaning that the patient needs to accept and follow through with the ideal treatment plan, which is everything that the patient needs to restore their complete oral health (function, biology and aesthetics)

2- it needs to be fully planned and manufactured by DSD, as we can asure you have followed our standarts on emotional, facial and airway guided, digital dentistry from start to finish.These requirements give our DSD Faculty the same baseline for evaluation for every Master doctor that completes the program.

If you are not sure whether a case is valid for the DSD Mastership, you can share the files and information in your dedicated concierge group and your DSD Clinical Consultant will help you.

The doctor who is enrolled in the DSD Mastership program and if needed, the team member who is helping you with workflow and DSD cases, who we call the DSD Coordinator

The case is owned by the doctor enrolled in the DSD Mastership.If the doctor collaborates with specialists on a case, that specific part of the treatment can be carried out with other doctors. For example, if an orthodontist works with a surgeon to place implants and a general practitioner to place veneers, the documentation and the case itself will still be owned by the doctor enrolled in the DSD Mastership, even if there have been parts executed by other doctors. In such a case, it is important that the other specialists follow the same planning, execution and documentation requirements if the case is to be submitted for Mastership evaluation.

The doctor enrolled in the DSD Mastership program can get support for the cases and his/her DSD Coordinator can be added to the group to ask any specific questions.

However, the full support, video calls, presentation review, etc will be only offered to the enrolled dentist.

Once you have submitted your Mastership case and received the certification, there are two ways to maintain your Planning Center access:

  • By becoming an official certified DSD Clinic

  • Maintaining DSD Tier status, by earning DSD Coins with every purchase from the DSD Planning Center




The DSD Mastership has become a great milestone in my career.

The DSD Mastership has become a great milestone in my career. It allowed me to do more complex cases and learn about new tools and strategies that I can implement with my patients, while getting successful and predictable results with greater efficiency.

Dr Mauricio Figueredo