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Present your cases. When they are approved, you become an official DSD Master.


You will be included in our Masters list on our website.

You will get a 10% discount on any DSD course.

You will be invited to the exclusive annual DSD Masters Meeting with other DSD Masters, KOLs and Clinics

You will get a 10% discount on DSD Planning Center and DSD Lab services.

You get your DSD Master certificate and logo to use on your website and social media.

You will benefit from a special deal on the purchase of an iTero scanner.

You will be eligible to apply for DSD Clinic® certification

Free online copies of DSD'r Magazine.

Your new Master status will be announced in a post on our social media accounts.

You will take part in a DSD Mastership Pin Ceremony at one of our closed annual Masters Meetings, which will be transmitted live on social media.

  • All 3 cases must be planned with the DSD Planning Center and be fully digital and documented.
  • At least 1 case must have a 2D design made with the DSDApp (this can be a different case from the Planning Center ones).
  • At least 1 case must be submitted to DSD Lab®.

The DSD Faculty will review your cases and give you feedback.

Please note that once you apply to the Mastership process there is no deadline to submit your cases.

They must have :
  • Good-quality photos and video documentation.
  • 2D design (with frame), including all views: frontal, lateral, 12 o’clock and occlusal.
  • Good-quality documentation of the mock-up. Facial integration. Facial portraits.
  • Good-quality Emotional/Motivational portraits and video with mock-up for the patient slide presentation
  • Treatment plan: a summary of the treatment plan should be written on the slides.
  • Good-quality clinical step documentation of the case (e.g. tooth prep, impression, provisional, perio surgery, implant placement, cementation, ortho, occlusal adjustment).
  • Final outcome and final restorations documentation (or final results).
  • The quality of the content, documentation, and presentation layout will be evaluated.
  • The quality and type of documentation of the finalized cases (photos and videos) must be the same as the pre-op ones, so that a better evaluation can be done –showing the frontal, lateral, 12 o'clock and occlusal view.
How should your presentation be structured?
  • PATIENT INTRO including PRE-OP photo/video documentation.
  • PATIENT DOCUMENTATION (x-rays, questionnaire, perio chart, etc.).
  • 2D SMILE DESIGN made with DSDApp recording the process and/or the final result.
  • DSD PLANNING CENTER IMAGES frame and design in all views (frontal, lateral, 12 o’clock, occlusal). Ideal pre, Ideal post and Motivational design.
  • SLIDES to present the mock-up to the patient: before and after, emotional pictures and video.
  • TREATMENT PLAN summary.
  • CLINICAL PROCEDURE Main clinical steps (gingivoplasty, prep, bonding ortho, provisionals, etc). Plus a screenshot of the prep scan if the case is restorative.
  • POST OP PICTURE of each clinical step (after ortho result/after crown lengthening).
  • FINAL RESULT Facial and intraoral pictures, and video. The same protocol taken with the pre-op documentation should be repeated in the final.
  • QUALITY CONTROL SLIDE Comparative slide with all facial frontal images: DSDApp 2D design (if possible) + DSD Planning Center Motivational design image + Patient with mock-up + DSD Planning Center Ideal design + Provisionals (if restorative case) + Final result.
  • Attend a DSD Residency 1 or Residency X (with 20% discount) or DSD Masters Meeting once every three years to stay up to date.
  • A minimum of 12 cases needs to be planned with DSD Planning Center each year.
  • Every three years, you will be required to take a multiple-choice test on the DSD concepts.
DSD Mastership Certification (Only)MASTER THE CLINICAL & TECHNICAL WORKFLOWCourses

A DSD Master is a certified expert in the DSD clinical and technical workflow.

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