Why Invisalign® providers should attend DSD Aligners Course

If this blog post title caught your attention, chances are good that you offer Invisalign® clear aligner treatment in your dental clinic and are exploring ways to boost your success with this proven and popular system.

Here at Digital Smile Design we have extensive experience in treatment planning for Invisalign cases as part of our interdisciplinary approach. We understand the common challenges that dentists face in taking full advantage of the Invisalign solution and have put our best strategies for success into the DSD Aligners course program for that very reason.

Course presenter, Dr Daniel Ramos, is DSD's Ortho Clinical Manager and an industry expert with over 20 years of experience in orthodontics . He brings to this course the distinct knowledge of having completed more than 3000 Invisalign cases, along with the DSD orthodontics team, with a combined 2000+ cases planned and evaluated for clinics all over the world. The result? A toolkit of solutions and tried and tested hacks that dramatically impact case acceptance and clinical outcomes.

What are the goals of this course?

Included in the course curriculum and throughout the biweekly sessions Daniel shares specific outcome-improving protocols. These enable you to:

  • Master all the Invisalign ClinCheck features for better decision-making.

  • Empower your diagnosis with treatment planning and clinical performance by understanding digital diagnosis and smile design.

  • Improve patient experience and increase case acceptance, referrals, and income.

Build a relationship with Dr Daniel Ramos

Another distinct advantage ortho specialists and Invisalign providers will enjoy as course participants is the opportunity to connect with Daniel, his guests, and the other participants in the course. These relationships pave the way for open discussions and idea sharing, not only during the livestream sessions but also on the online course community platform between classes.

There are a growing number of online resources and online communities that are informative and helpful if you're running into issues with aligner cases. However, building a relationship with a modern professional in order to revolutionize your practice simply can’t compare. So we want to tell you a little bit about Daniel.

Passionate from the start about orthodontics, he brought, while still living in Brazil, the Micro-Osteoperforation and High Frequency Vibration techniques to the country to improve aligner predictability and accelerate tooth movement. He clinically performed over 500 cases with these techniques combined with aligners and delivered the Official Certification Course in Brazil for more than 1000 doctors. He went on to deliver an online mentorship in digital orthodontics with aligners and facially driven interdisciplinary treatment planning to more than 100 clinics worldwide. As such, he has traveled the world as a speaker at over 100 courses and lectures.

His expertise in orthodontics has led to significant partnerships and relationships over the years. Daniel is not only an Invisalign speaker in Latin America but he is also a guest faculty member in UCAM in Spain and iHDS in Houston. It was through these connections that he came to work with Christian Coachman at Digital Smile Design. Here he leads a team of over 50 dentists and smile designers and has fearlessly tackled over 1000 TPS planned cases and over 5000 Live Treatment Planning sessions.

In addition, Daniel has an approachable teaching style and dentists who collaborate with him on a regular basis describe him like this: “What makes Daniel such an awesome teacher/mentor/collaborator (beyond his depth of knowledge) is the wonderfully inclusive, non-patronising and respectful manner in which he discusses our cases.”

DSD, Certified Provider of ClinCheck TPS

Invisalign ClinCheck software is the core of Invisalign treatment planning, aiding in the start and finish of every case. The level of accuracy of the ClinCheck prediction outcome has significantly improved for low severity cases treated with Invisalign, although there are still limitations to achieve the ideal (virtual) ClinCheck predicted outcome. The Ortho team at the DSD Planning Center has helped doctors around the world to achieve the results they have planned and reduce their number of refinements - with over 2000 cases planned and evaluated.

This course teaches the team’s proven protocols who develop high-quality digital treatment plans day after day. We believe there’s no other course out there that makes this wealth of combined knowledge and information available to dentists who want to improve their work using ClinCheck.

The DSD Differentiation

Opinions differ, but our truth is that implementing Invisalign with old tools is no longer possible. Anyone running a busy dental office will know that mastering a new system can be incredibly time-consuming. And as a dentist working with Invisalign, you may be implementing case after case, keeping up with the workload with your current tools just fine. Our goal is for you to dominate and understand modern tools and digital diagnosis in this course.

Digital Smile Design is the leading organization for tackling the learning-curve involved with digital technology and helping dentists learn how to use these new tools quicker and better. The integration of Invisalign with the DSD interdisciplinary workflows have been taught to dental professionals all over the world. We are proud to now claim over 100 certified DSD Clinics which have gone through the process of learning the workflows and mastering the technology to provide the best service possible to patients.

Grow Case Acceptance

More and more patients want a comprehensive, esthetic, and functional solution and yet not everyone will accept their proposed treatment plans.

In the course you'll talk to Daniel about DSD's specific language used for the first appointment, second appointment, monitoring appointment, and the retention phase. With this we want to increase the perceived value of your treatments and moreover, guide you to attracting the right kind of patients for your clinic.

Gain confidence in your craft

This course will help you build on your strong foundation and take your ortho and clear aligner business to the next level for patients through even more comprehensive know-how. You’ll fine-tune systems to better incorporate orthodontic treatment with your team and receive more referrals from an interdisciplinary team.

To learn more or to ask questions about the DSD Aligners course click here