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Being a DSD Clinic gives you

differentiate your clinic

I knew right away...joining the dsd clinic network was the future

Becoming a DSD Clinic has transformed the experience for patients and dentists at Carnes Crossroads Dental.


Become a DSD Clinic to
  • differentiate your clinic
  • show your true value
  • increase average treatment value
  • increase clinical efficiency

Maria Cardenas

Dentist - Wellesley, USA

I found true fulfilment building a patient-centred-holistic practice that continues to grow successfully over the years. The DSD team has offered me unconditional support whenever I need it. So proud to be part of this tribe!

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The Journey

How to become a DSD CLINIC
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Book a Consultancy

Our team of DSD experts will train your staff, in your clinic, on how best to implement DSD.

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A DSD Master certification proves your mastery of the concepts & how to deliver them

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Become a certified clinic

Join our network of clinics which have successfully implemented the full DSD digital workflow.

The Benefits of Being a DSD Clinic

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Patient brand

We have created a new version of the Digital Smile Design brand that is optimized for the final consumer. It is fresh, modern, and appeals to patients of all ages.

Our offline and online marketing materials for patients explain DSD and its concepts in patient-friendly terms. We have a website for patients which shows them the official DSD Clinics and will feature you as a preferred DSD Provider in your area.

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Stand outWhy patients choose a DSD clinic
DSDCLINICS HERO 05 1We're future proof

Our digital-first approach underpins everything we do. Our procedures are precise and patient centered.

DSDCLINICS HERO 06 1We're connected

We work better together. Every DSD Clinic harnesses the expertise of the DSD Planning Center in Madrid.

DSDCLINICS HERO 07 1We're experts

Being a DSD-approved clinic takes intense, thorough training. DSD guarantees exceptional results.


We fuse tech innovation with human emotion. We have a track record of changing smiles and changing lives.

Sheena Sood

Dentist - Richmond, Canada

The best part of being a DSD Clinic goes beyond delivering better, more predictable treatments and the joy of emotional dentistry and the fun. The other part is the daily interaction with like-minded dentists who love what they do. It’s inspiring to see the quality of their work; it is great to be around other DSD Clinics who do amazing work” Dr Sheena Sood, Ironwood Dental Care, Vancouver, Canada