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Here at Digital Smile Design, we are proud of our long-standing official partnership with industry leader in the field of dental implants, ZimVie. As part of this global collaboration, we are always looking for ways to add more value to the partnership as well as better serve clinicians and patients. This is why we are delighted to officially collaborate with the ZimVie-owned implant treatment planning and surgical guide service, Implant Concierge. Implant Concierge is a Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ that offers dental implant treatment planning services and guided surgery solutions to clinicians around the world. The web-based platform aims to simplify the digital implant workflow providing full service treatment planning and assistance for clinicians to explore different surgical outcomes.

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DSD and Implant Concierge

This collaboration means that customers who are planning an implant case with Implant Concierge will be able to order a DSD Diagnostic Design to guide their implant and surgery-ready provisional designs. This is an initial, facially-driven smile design of the upper, lower or upper and lower.

While there are some similarities between the DSD Upper product, which can only be ordered from the DSD Planning Center, and the DSD Diagnostic Design, which is now available through Implant Concierge, there are many differences. In this article we will explain what both of these products are and explore the differences between them.

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Ordering the DSD Upper from the DSD Planning Center

The DSD Upper is a product that customers can order from the DSD Planning Center. It is a facially-driven, ideal, functional smile design of the patient’s upper arch which can be used as a starting point to guide any type of treatment plan.

Ordering the DSD Upper comes with the following features:

Comprehensive treatment planning and team

Ordering the DSD Upper product allows you to benefit from the comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge of the DSD Planning Center team. This means that when we create this design, we consider comprehensive treatment planning and take into account all specialties.

DSD customer support

The customer support service you receive with the DSD Upper is from the DSD Planning Center. This includes:

  • Modifications to the design performed by DSD

  • Comprehensive know-how beyond the initial design

  • Brainstorming and decision making about what can be changed or improved. For example: whether or not to do ortho, include perio, change the bite, or include the lower.

Support with your patient presentation

The DSD Upper design includes 3 STL files: the Upper Smile Design over the original model (Pre-treatment), the Upper Smile Design with the digitally reduced model (Post-treatment) and the DSD Motivational Mock-up file. These STL files can be printed by our DSD Lab and sent to your office, or you can print them yourself.

The DSD Upper Design also comes with a full slide presentation which provides you with the strategy for how to successfully perform the Motivational Mock-up and present the DSD presentation to the patient.

Option to upgrade your product

As a DSD Planning Center customer, it’s possible to upgrade your Upper design and continue your journey with the particular case as much as you want or need to. The Upper design can be upgraded to:

  • an Upper Lower

  • an Upper Lower modifying the vertical dimension

  • an Upper Lower with Invisalign

  • an Upper Lower plus interdisciplinary planning

  • an Upper Lower plus perio analysis

  • an upper Lower plus orthodontic simulation

In addition, you will receive the full presentation for any of these additional upgrades that you choose to do.

Ordering the DSD Diagnostic Design within Implant Concierge

Implant Concierge customers can now order an initial DSD Diagnostic Design to assist in the creation of a facially-driven virtual wax-up which will assist Implant Concierge Users to create restorative based implant treatment plans and surgery-ready provisionals, if requested. When a customer orders the DSD Diagnostic Design, DSD will create the design and send the file to Implant Concierge, who will then be able to modify the design in their software according to what the doctor wants in the workflow.

Ordering the DSD Diagnostic Design as an Implant Concierge customer comes with the following features:

DSD know-how in smile design

The diagnostic design gives you the benefit of DSD know-how when it comes to designing a beautiful mouth in harmony with the face. This design takes into consideration only the implant surgery.

Disciplinary implant planning service

The DSD Diagnostic Design will help Implant Concierge Users to connect their implant plan to a smile design project. In this way, this initial design will allow them to improve their implant planning through Implant Concierge.

Implant Concierge customer support

Apart from the initial design, which is provided by DSD, all the rest of the communication, support, treatment planning and surgical guide design know-how that you will benefit from in the workflow is from the Implant Concierge team.

DSD Upper or DSD Diagnostic Design?

If you have a non-comprehensive approach or a non-comprehensive case, and you want to plan your implant better by connecting it to a smile design project, then you can add a DSD Diagnostic Design to your implant planning as an Implant Concierge customer.

However, if you want a design that can be the starting point to guide any type of treatment plan, ordering the DSD Upper as a DSD Planning Center customer is the right option for your needs.